Email marketing
with Campaign Connect

  • Use ClientLook’s Campaign Connect to transform your marketing effectiveness by integrating with a 3rd party email solution. There’s no easier way to generate marketing success.
  • How it works

    Connect a supported email service. Choose which ClientLook groups you want to sync. Send campaigns. Then benefit from the stream of email campaign activity that flows back to ClientLook.

  • 1. Manage contacts

    Use ClientLook like you do everyday. Track contacts and create groups to segment your database for marketing purposes.

  • 2. Sync groups

    Select an unlimited number of groups to sync automatically to your email provider. No more manual data transfers.

  • 3. Send campaigns

    Send campaigns from your email provider using groups synced from ClientLook. Enjoy the real-time insight inside ClientLook.

  • Your marketing universe revealed

    ClientLook continuously pulls down campaign activity data along with engagement stats like opens, clicks, etc for every recipient.
  • View real-time engagement stats

    Every email campaign automatically appears in ClientLook. For the first time you have easily accessible insight into your marketing success to gauge effectiveness. Drill down to view details of every campaign to gain a new understanding of demand and interest.
  • Mailchimp campaigns in ClientLook

  • Mailchimp campaign detail page

  • Monitor every campaign

    Drill down into a campaign to proactively identify your best prospects. See opens, clicks and bounces along with the activity for every hyperlink. Instantly prioritize top prospects who demonstrate interest to accelerate deal making.

  • Know more about your contacts

    Discover all the ways your contacts are engaging with your email campaigns. What emails do they open? What links get clicked? Real-time insight helps you better understand their interests so you maximize your prospecting success. Details are refreshed in real-time.
  • Mailchimp contact detail page in ClientLook

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