Export Outlook Contacts

Export Outlook contacts

It’s easy to export Outlook contacts into a CSV (comma separated values) or an Excel file so you can import all your contacts into the cloud-based ClientLook CRM. Just follow the simple steps below.

NOTE: The examples shown contain sample screen shots from Outlook 2007. If you have a different Outlook version, then there may be some slight differences, but the same basic steps should apply to export Outlook contacts.

1. Launch Outlook to open your address book. Be sure that you’re logged into your network. Your Outlook contacts database may be stored there. Select File | Import and Export… from the menu.

Select Outlook Export option

2. You’ll be presented with a variety of choices for import and export. You want to export so make sure “Export to a file” is highlighted. Once you’ve made your selection, click “Next”

Select Export to a file

3. Now Outlook wants to know the kind of export file you’d like to create. For importing into the ClientLook commercial real estate CRM, just make sure Comma Separated Values (Windows) is selected. Click “Next”

Select Outlook CSV export

4. Highlight the Contacts folder. This is where Outlook stores you contact data. Click “next”

Highlight Outlook contacts

5. Where do you want to save the export file? Use the Browse… button to specify a location and file name for the exported contacts. Something like “Outlook.csv” on your Desktop should work fine. Click “next”.

Export Outlook contacts to desktop

6. Click “finish”

How to export contacts from Outlook

Time to import

Now that you have exported your Outlook contacts into a CSV file, you need to know how to import this file into ClientLook. Simple instructions are available in our Import data video tutorial.

Also see: Export your ACT! database for other related CRM tutorials.

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