Export CRE Properties and Owners

Export CRE Properties and Owners

ClientLook is the perfect commercial real estate software to track properties and their respective owners. Periodically exporting properties is useful for things like mailers or to perform geospatial analysis. Now your property exports from ClientLook not only include property characteristics, but also the contact details of the related owner. This article will show you how to do that export.

Relate an owner to a property

First, let’s talk about relating an owner to a property, a necessary initial step. You can relate as many owners as you’d like, but we’ll just relate a single record in this example. On a property record in ClientLook, you relate many different kinds of contacts and companies in the “People” section of the “Related” tab.

CRE Owners_ClientLook CRM_1To relate an existing contact or company to a property, or to add a new contact or company that isn’t in ClientLook yet and then relate it, click the “Relate a contact” button. You will be given several choices.

CRE Owners_ClientLook CRM_2

Enter the name of an existing record or create a new one, then choose the relationship type(s) you would like to use to describe their relationship to the property. In this case, we’ll choose “Owner”. Click “Relate this contact” (or company if you’re relating a company) when you’re done. Repeat this process to relate as many owners as desired. Note that one of those owners should be denoted as the “Primary owner”.

CRE Owners_ClientLook CRM_3

Export properties from the list

Now that you’ve got your owners related to their properties, it’s time to do the export. You can export properties from the main property list view. You can export all properties, the members of a group you have created, or the results of a search.

From the list view, select the records you want to export by putting a check mark in the box to the left of the property. Or, click the checkbox in the header area, which selects all the displayed records at once.

CRE Owners_ClientLook CRM_4

Once you have all the desired records selected, click the “Export” button and choose an export format. I’ll choose Excel.

CRE Owners_ClientLook CRM_5

Once the export has completed, we’ll open it in our spreadsheet program. I’ve moved a few columns around here so you can see them – the owner information would normally be in the rightmost columns.

CRE Owners_ClientLook CRM_6

That’s it – it’s really simple! If you’re not a ClientLook CRM subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how easy it is to relate your properties, contacts, and deals. Save time and get organized with the only all-in-one CRM made for the commercial real estate industry.

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