The Evolution of The CRE Industry

Evolution of The CRE Industry

The Evolution of The CRE Industry

Those of you who have been in the commercial real estate industry for awhile may be noticing changes in the air. The industry is evolving as more and more Millennial’s are coming on board and technology is driving major shifts in how business is conducted. Our commercial real estate CRM software aims to provide CRE professionals with the latest CRM technology to fit your evolving needs. Learn how the industry is changing and how you can jump on board.

Flexibility and Quality of Life Are Key

The days of working in the office for 12 hours a day are dwindling. It’s no longer a badge of honor to work more hours; to be the first in the office and the last to leave. It’s more admirable now to accomplish more in less time. More and more commercial real estate professionals are placing a high value on flexible work schedules, work-life balance, and overall quality of life. These professionals are completely focused when they’re working, and they’re honed in on maximizing their productivity during their “office hours”. Then, they are focused on their leisure activities, personal growth, and their families during their off time.

Even though technology has made it possible to work anytime, anywhere, there has been a great shift in professionals who are using time blocks to allocate their time to best suit their desired lifestyle. As the commercial real estate industry continues to evolve, expect to see more people working flexible schedules and working from their home office.

Be Social

Being a successful commercial real estate broker, is all about forming great relationships. In order to form great relationships, you must be social. Gone are the days where chatting with your co-workers or taking a long lunch are frowned upon. CRE professionals are now encouraged to get to know people in their office and within their local communities. It’s all about building relationships and finding opportunities to collaborate and work together. No one likes to feel like they’re being “sold” or like they’re just another business transaction; so make the effort to create valuable relationships.

Personal Marketing Is Essential

If you work for a large brokerage firm, don’t only rely on their marketing efforts. While they may be doing a great job at promoting the firm as a whole, they are not promoting you individually. It’s up to you to get your name out there to continue to grow your business and build your reputation. Show your expertise, and reach your ideal audience, with your own blog, social media, and email newsletters. Personal marketing will set you apart from your competition and get your name in front of prospective clients.

Make Technology Work For You

I bet that you have your smart phone nearby at all hours of the day. Technology has made it easy to find data, stay connected, and conduct business from anywhere. Do you have a CRM that does all of that as well? Your CRM should be built specifically for your unique commercial real estate needs. ClientLook gives you the ability to instantly access your contacts, properties, deals, and tasks whether you’re in the office or on the go. Our exclusive Virtual Assistant team helps you boost your productivity, so you can focus on revenue generating tasks while delegating the data entry to the VA. Plus, you can create professional marketing materials with our integration with Buildout and send out top-notch email campaigns directly with Mailchimp. Technology should make your life easier, and so should your CRM.

If you’re not a ClientLook user, request a complimentary demo to see how our commercial real estate software can change the way you do business.

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