Enhanced Feature: Tracking Email in Your Deals

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Enhanced Feature: Sending Email to Deals

ClientLook users love the ability to forward emails to their deals. Deals represent listings, tenant and buyer requirements, projects and other commercial real estate assignments. By popular request, we have expanded this feature!

Sort of a big deal

Unlike other CRMs, ClientLook allows you to attach emails to any deal you are working on. So, in addition to having messages attached to the appropriate contacts, the system will automatically attach the email to the deal that it relates to. For example, if you send John Smith an email regarding your listing at 123 Main Street, you can address your mail to the dedicated email address for your “123 Main Street” deal, and that email will be linked to both the deal and John Smith’s contact record. This makes it very easy to track things at the deal record, and makes reporting to your clients a snap.

Previously, only another user in your account who was related to a deal as a “participant” (now called “collaborators”) could send email to that deal. This was fine if you had a small team, but many of our users share their account with a large office. This made adding your entire roster of internal participants to every deal a time consuming task. Well – no more!

Easier administration

Now, any team member who shares your ClientLook account can send an email to any deal as long as they have the unique email address for that deal. There’s no longer a requirement to make that user a “participant”. This means you spend less time administering your deals and more time working them! As long as a user who shares your ClientLook account has access to a deal based on your privacy settings, then they can obtain the necessary email address to start sending away.

Simple sending

To send email to a deal, simply enter the deal email address in the “Bcc” line of any outgoing email, or forward any email from your inbox “To” that deal address. It will be attached to the deal as an update along with any email attachments. It’s also automatically related to any of the contact recipients found in your account as well.

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