Doing a Lookup for Owners of a Property List in ClientLook

commercial real estate CRM property owner search

Doing a Lookup for Owners of a Property List in ClientLook

Doing a search for properties in ClientLook CRM commercial real estate CRM software that meet a specific set of search criteria is simple. Once you have the results of that search, it’s also really easy to pull up the list of related owners of those properties in your contact list.

Search for Commercial Properties

  • The first step is to come up with the list of properties that meet your criteria. Our “Advanced Search” feature allows you to search any field, in combination with any other fields, to narrow your list down to exactly what you need. Searching is simple. Simply find the field you want to search on the grid, enter the data you would like to search for in the box, and choose how you want that field to be searched by choosing a search option.

    You can repeat this for as many fields as you like, bearing in mind that the property will have to meet all these criteria in order to be selected. Choosing a “Property Type” will activate the “Attributes” section for the chosen type of commercial property, which will give you additional fields to search that are appropriate for the property type desired.

    When you click the “Search” button, a list of matching properties will appear.

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Look Up Property Owners for Selected Properties

  • commercial property owner search

  • This works equally well for property groups that you have created. Just click on the group name to pull up the predefined list.

    Now that you have the property list you wanted, it’s time to find the owners of those properties. Click the link at the bottom of the page that says “Select all” to select all of the properties that you found when doing your search. Then, from the “Options” menu, select “Create lookup”.

Select Property Owners

  • The “Create lookup” dialog allows you to find contacts or companies that you have previously related to the property on the “People” tab. You can choose which entity type you are looking for, as well as the relationship type you used when you related that person or company to the property.

    The relationship types are customizable, by the way. Since I’m looking for owners in this example, I’m going to select “Contacts” where the relationship type is “Owner”, then click the “Create lookup” button.

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Interact with Selected Property Owners

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  • You will be taken to the contacts module and presented with a list of all the owners of the commercial properties you found with your property search. Simple! From here, you can start making calls, export them to a spreadsheet, or send them an email campaign using our CRM integration with MailChimp.

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