Do You Need a CRE Virtual Assistant

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Do You Need a CRE Virtual Assistant?

Success is a double-edged sword. As your commercial real estate business grows, it becomes more and more complex. At some point you may find that there are not enough hours in the day to complete necessary tasks on a larger scale while still doing the things that keep your business moving forward.

Technology is your best ally in combating this squeeze. Automating routine tasks and organizing contacts, activities and property details are all streamlined through the use of CRM software. Even with that tool, it can be hard to find time to enter the dozens of new details that arise in the course of the day. Information can fall through the cracks, costing time later and making all your hard work less effective.

That’s the pain point that makes a virtual assistant so valuable. It frees up time that would otherwise be spent adding new information to keep your CRM up to date. Administrative tasks can be handled for you. This allows you to focus on more important activities like generating new business, servicing clients and closing deals – things that can only be done by you.

ClientLook’s commercial real estate CRM includes a Virtual Assistant feature as part of the subscription. It’s one of the most differentiating features of ClientLook making it #1 in user adoption and growth. What are some specific ways that a VA can save time and make you more productive? Read on.

It’s all about highest and best use

Your time is valuable, and it’s a limited resource. Your income growth is based on the amount of time you can devote to building your business through prospecting, client service and negotiating deals. Spending time on CRM data entry is critical for success, but frankly not worth your time. Finding an assistant who can handle this work it not only important but also necessary for you to be productive. Hiring, training and managing an assistant is a battle though. ClientLook delivers all the benefits of an assistant without any of the hassle.

Communicating with the VA team

You spend most of your time in the field. You’re not in front of your computer and don’t have time to stop and log a CRM update. With ClientLook you simply submit a task to the Virtual Assistant team via email or voicemail. That task gets completed within your account, and you receive a confirmation email letting you know that everything is done.

Routine Tasks Become Not So Routine

One of the best uses for the VA is to keep up with routine administrative tasks. Entering data can be tremendously time-consuming, but it’s necessary to maintain the momentum of your business within a CRM. A VA can take care of this for you. In ClientLook, you can log updates, add new contacts, schedule activities and more with just a phone call or email to the team.

Mobility is Easier

The CRE professional is generally on the go throughout the day. Updating your CRM on a mobile device can be tedious and difficult. On the other hand, waiting until you’re back at your desk means some details may be overlooked. It also forces you to spend more time at your desk. Not good.

A virtual assistant can take care of those updates while you proceed with your day. In ClientLook you have unlimited access to the VA, so you can send instructions and updates as often as needed, by phone or email. So as soon as you’ve shown a client around a property, you can instruct the VA to log your notes about their reaction, level of interest, or any questions they may have. You can snap a photo of a new contact’s business card, and the VA will use it to create a new entry in your CRM contact list. Your options are endless.

No Learning Curve

A brilliant thing about this is that there’s really nothing new to learn. You’re communicating with an actual person who will follow your instructions and notify you as soon as the task is done. The quality of the work completed is typically higher than work done by users themselves.

You don’t need to login to your account to have updates added; the VA has direct access to your CRM account, so the tasks completed with no further action from you. So you can take care of details as they arise throughout your day, without taking the time to enter them into your CRM database yourself.

If you haven’t experienced this amazing level of service yet, then sign up for a free trial of ClientLook today and see for yourself.

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