Do These 5 Things Every Day to Up Your Prospecting Game

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Do These 5 Things Every Day to Up Your Prospecting Game

Prospecting is a big part of every commercial real estate professional’s job. Without prospecting, you can’t gain new clients and without new clients, your business will remain stagnant. Prospecting should be a daily item on your checklist and should be something you spend plenty of time doing.

Do these five things every day to up your prospecting game and gain new clients.

Reach Out to Your Network

Utilize those contacts already in your network to gain new leads. Make it a point to follow up with current clients and ask for referrals for new clients. One of the best ways to prospect is to take advantage of word of mouth. Many people won’t give you a referral the first time you speak to them, so it is crucial to reach out to your network on a regular basis to stay top of mind.

If your current clients are happy with your work, have them write up a recommendation for you to post to your blog, website, email signature, etc. This turns every email you send into a prospecting opportunity.

Utilize Content Marketing

Think about prospecting outside of just cold calling and take advantage of the daily usage of social media and other digital platforms. Try making some clever how-to videos or give statistics on the current real estate market. You could also put together regular blog posts to share your industry knowledge and to help establish your brand. Spend ten minutes a day and try to post at least one article or tweet every day.

Content Marketing can include:

  • Social Media posts via Linkedin or Twitter
  • Market knowledge videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Behind-the-scenes tips

Take Advantage of Your CRM

The right commercial real estate CRM offers you insider knowledge on leads that can help turn cold calls into warm calls. Use your CRM to track personal details like alma mater, interests, favorite sports teams and more. You could also save links to their social media accounts and other pertinent information that will help you establish a connection prior to making that next call. Keep in mind that your CRM can help you create drip email campaigns such as newsletters to send out to leads as well. Up your prospecting game by taking advantage of all of the features your CRM can offer you.

Set a Schedule

With back to back meetings and plenty of paperwork to handle, it may be hard to fit prospecting into your daily schedule. While there are plenty of scheduling hiccups that you can’t control, it’s important to make sure you spend time each day on prospecting. Experiment with your schedule and try to carve out at least two hours a day to spend prospecting. Many successful prospectors find that 9-11 am is a good time frame to make phone calls, post to social media and ask for referrals.

Up your prospecting game with the help of ClientLook, a commercial real estate CRM designed to meet the special demands of CRE professionals. ClientLook keeps you prepared and organized, so you never have to worry about losing a lead. For more information, contact us today.

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