How Direct Mailers Can Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business

How Direct Mailers Can Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business

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Marketing your commercial real estate business should be a top priority for all active agents. The goal is to keep your pipeline full and have a consistent stream of work. While most commercial real estate brokers don’t have a background in marketing, there are many things that you can teach yourself to effectively reach your target audience. One of those things is direct mailers. A few years ago, many marketers thought that direct mail was “dead” but it’s definitely made a comeback. Learn how you can use direct mailers as part of your commercial real estate marketing strategy with these tips:

Know Your Audience

You want to take some time to develop separate targeted mail lists for prospective clients.

You may have one list for buyers and another list for sellers. Or, you might want one list for industrial properties and another for office properties. Think about the type of clients you want to attract and create a mailing list specific for each group. It will be worth your effort!

Design Matters

Postcards give you the perfect opportunity to make an instant impact on the recipient. The overall design of your postcard should grab their attention immediately. Use high-quality photos that will resonate with the recipient and a catchy tagline in a bold font that stands out. Most people will look at the front of the postcard first, so make sure your overall design makes them want to turn it over to read the back. For assistance with your postcard design and printing, check out Modern Postcard, Postcard Mania, and Overnight Prints.

If you are mailing letters to your target audience, the design of the letter is also important. Use a nice paper stock, use your company letterhead, and choose a font that is professional and easy to read (Arial and Times New Roman are good choices).

Make It Personal

While you may be tempted to print out one version of the same postcard or letter, that marketing strategy rarely gets results. If your goal is to get the recipient to call you, make it personal. Take the time to write a short personal note that references their property, or a property they might be interested in. Share a bit about yourself, your expertise, and how you can help them. Commercial real estate marketing shouldn’t be generic.

Include Your Contact Information

This may sound like a no-brainer, but I have received countless postcards that didn’t make it clear who the sender was (and those mailers went right in the trashcan). Your direct mailers should always include your company logo, company website, your name, your business address, email address, and best phone number to reach you at. This can easily be included in the header or footer, based on your overall design.

Follow Up

Commercial real estate marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You may need to reach out to potential clients several times before you get a response. They may not need your services today, but they might in the future. That’s why it’s important to follow up with your target lists and make an effort to stay on the top of their mind.


Utilizing a commercial real estate CRM can help you stay organized and boost your marketing efforts. Keep all of your contacts, properties, deals, and marketing lists organized in one database to save time. With a CRM, like ClientLook, you can easily create targeted groups to send your direct mailers to, make a note about when it was mailed to each contact, and schedule follow up tasks.

Keep in mind that direct mailers should just be one piece of your commercial marketing strategy. In addition, you can utilize social media, email newsletters, your own blog, and networking to reach a wider audience. For more marketing tips, check out these related blog posts:

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