Deals: Where did “Primary Client” and “Location” go?

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Deals: Where did “Primary Client” and “Location” go?

We recently upgraded the “Deals” module in the ClientLook commercial real estate software system and moved/expanded a few options.

Deals are used to track any time of assignment like a listing, requirement, consulting, etc. In a Deal you may have wondered where the “Primary Client” and “Location” fields have gone. Never fear – you can still specify the primary client and building location, but in more useful ways.

Designating the primary client

A “primary client” is the contact or company who is considered to be the most important personal relationship you have within a deal. The primary client stands out among the prospects, vendors and other team members that may be involved.

Review our previous blog entry to understand how easy it is to relate contacts and companies to deals now. One thing you’ll learn is that everyone you relate to a deal will have a designated relationship. The relationship of one those records may be designated as the “Primary Client”.

Specifying a deal’s location

Deals can now be linked directly to a building or land parcel contained within your ClientLook property module. Just edit the deal and look for the “Related property” field. Simply enter the name of a property. This causes a quick search to be conducted that displays all the matches within a picklist. Choose the desired property from the list and save the deal.

You’ll see the related property’s address, map and default image appear within the “Location Details” section of your deal now. If you navigate to the linked property, you’ll see that the deal also appears within the “Deals” tab of that property.

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