How To Customize Your ClientLook Page Size

How To Customize Your ClientLook Page Size

How To Customize Your ClientLook Page Size

ClientLook gives you the ability to customize the size of your list pages and to jump directly to any point within that list. It’s a feature that many people never discover so come with us and learn how to “see things your way!”

When you open most modules in ClientLook CRM – contacts, companies, properties, etc. – you will see a list of records in that module. We start by displaying the 25 most recently used records, but you can choose to see all records, only ones assigned to you, or those that are members of any group that you have created. Once you select one of these options, we display the first 25 records and allow you to step through all the records page by page, viewing 25 at a time. Users asked for a way to make these pages bigger, so we added the ability to change the page size.

At the bottom of any list view, you will see a helpful page footer which tells you how many records are in the selected set of records, how many pages that equates to, which page you are currently on, as well as the navigation buttons and options to change how your page is set up.

Page Size in ClientLook CRM_1On the far right, you will see that we are currently looking at records 1-25 of a total of 627 records in the currently selected set of records. The forward and backward buttons allow you to step through these pages one at a time. You can also click on a page number to jump directly to that page.

Page Size in ClientLook CRM_2You have the ability to change how many records display on a page by using the “Page size” option in the center. Simply type a new page size in the entry box then click the “Change” button to make the update.

Page Size in ClientLook CRM_3Now that I have changed my page size, you’ll see that there are now only 7 pages, since we have 100 records on each page now:

Page Size in ClientLook CRM_4How To Return To A Place On Your List

Let’s say that you are working your way through these 600+ contacts, 25 per page, calling each one to touch base and maintain your relationship with them. Today I get through 250 calls and wound up on page 10, and tomorrow I want to quickly return to the same place on the list and resume my calling. It’s easy to do this; just remember what page you left off on, then tomorrow you can jump straight to that page by typing the page number into the “jump” box at the bottom and then click the “go” button. You’re now right back where you left off!

Page Size in ClientLook CRM_5If you need help with this feature or any other feature in ClientLook, just click the “big blue button” located in the bottom right corner of any ClientLook page on the web or in the iPhone app to be connected to our support team. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

If you’re not a ClientLook subscriber yet, sign up today for our free 21-day trial or schedule a complimentary demo to see how ClientLook CRM can transform your commercial real estate business.

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