ClientLook Power Tip: Copying Contact Information

ClientLook Power Tip: Copying Contact Information

Here’s a really cool feature that you might have missed in since it doesn’t stand out. Our commercial real estate CRM software has the ability to grab the contact information for any contact in your database and copy it to the clipboard, allowing you to paste that data into an email or any document that you’re working on.

The next time you are working on one of your contact records, take a look at the bottom of the address, phone and email box on the left. You will see a link that says “Copy to clipboard”.

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Clicking this will grab the contact name, title, company name, all of their phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses and copy it all to the clipboard. Simply click the “Select All” button, hit Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy it (or right-click on this highlighted text and choose “Copy”), then paste it anywhere you desire.

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This is great when a colleague asks for someone’s contact information. You can quickly cut and paste this into an email without the need to generate a Vcard, which many of your recipients won’t know what to do with and can frequently contain way too much information.

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Try it out – we think you’ll love it! If you’re not a current ClientLook subscriber, schedule a demo today.

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