Creating standards for data entry

Creating standards for data entry

  • Keeping your database consistent is key to effective usage of a commercial real estate CRM. It makes the process of searching for data easier, eliminates wasted time and ensures you can access the information you need when you need it.

    It’s especially vital if you are on a team with a shared group of contacts. Ensuring that everyone adheres to the same data entry standards promotes the highest quality data.

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Your CRM is supposed to make your life easier. A good database means having answers at your fingertips, readily accessible when you need them. Who was that broker I spoke with last week? Which prospects in my database have needs matching that new office listing? How many contacts have leases expiring in the next 6 months? A quick search of your database should make answering those questions easy, assuming you have recorded the necessary information consistently, in a way that you can recall it.

Here are a few quick tips for ensuring data consistency:

1. Create custom fields to hold any information you want to search. If applicable, use a picklist type field, so you can create a list of choices to select from. You might create a field for “Submarket” and then create a predefined list of submarkets to choose from. This eliminates typing errors and makes data entry faster.

2. Define your terms and have all team members use them, which makes searching easier. For example, “tenant”, “occupier” and “lessee” might all define the same group of people, but searching is easier if you choose one term and then use it consistently.

3. Use labels for updates. In ClientLook, notes on a contact record are called updates. They can contain a short sentence, or many paragraphs. I prefer to label all my entries, which makes finding them easier. For example, if I’m recording a sign call, I will start the update with “Sign call:”, then type in the notes on the conversation. I can quickly search Scoop for everything with the phrase “Sign call:” to find them quickly.

4. Put it in! When you find out something about a prospect, don’t trust it to memory. Put it in the system! Brokers are busy and juggling many things simultaneously. The more you try to remember, the greater the chance that you will forget something. ClientLook has the memory of an elephant – once you enter something, it will never forget. Put it in!

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