Record segmentation

Record segmentation

  • Description

    Over the years your CRM will grow to contain a wealth of information and potential revenue opportunities. The key to finding and utilizing that data to is properly segment it as you create it. This in-depth course on segmentation and categorization will teach you how to ensure that you can find what you need when you need it. Categories, groups, custom fields, advanced searching – we’ll go over all the ways that you can classify, pigeonhole and subsequently find everything you are stashing away in your database.


    This will help you:

    • Get the most out of your database
    • Slice and dice your data to find anything you need
    • Never lose a piece of information again
  • Intended user

    Any ClientLook user who wants to be a more effective cataloger or data


    This 60-minute live web session is $225. Attendees unlimited. Recording provided.

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