Property tracking strategy

Property Tracking Strategy

  • Description

    Want to win more business and differentiate your level of service? Then create your own proprietary property database in ClientLook. Over time you’ll develop valuable market expertise that will set you apart from your competition. It’s easier than you think.

    ClientLook allows you create records for any type of commercial properties. Learn how define your market, import data and link properties to tenants, owners, investors and more. Create custom fields to track any additional data you care about. You’ll enjoy a centralized repository of properties that grows with your business.

    Session components

    During this session you’ll learn how to:

    • Define your market and develop your overall strategy for property tracking
    • Create custom fields to personalize your account
    • Import data from resources available to you
    • Connect properties to people, listings, comps and more
    • Share properties with teammates and privatize data
    • Search for properties using a variety of powerful mechanisms


    The main benefits of this session include:

    • Discovering simple strategies for growing your business
    • Developing a digital asset and true competitive advantage
    • Learning how to become an expert in a specific geography
  • Intended user

    Anyone interested in developing a property tracking strategy.


    It is ideal to have a resource for basic property information available for importing.


    This 60-minute live web session is $225. Attendees unlimited. Recording provided.

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