Listing management

Listing management

  • Description

    Learn how to take control of your listing data by using ClientLook as the initial point of data entry for all your availabilities. Leverage the property information already in your account. Dramatically increase your efficiency while reducing redundant work.

    If you want to create the most accurate and easy-to-maintain resource of your listings company-wide, then this service is for you.

    Session components

    During this session you’ll learn how to:

    • Easily add sale and lease listing to ClientLook
    • Create custom fields to track personalized data
    • Leverage our Virtual Assistant to make listing updates
    • Search for listings
    • Push listings to 3rd party marketing services
    • Turn listings into comps


    The main benefits of this session include:

    • Establishing an accurate list of availability company-wide
    • Creating the most efficient processes for maintaining listing accuracy
    • Discovering ways to deliver better client service
  • Intended user

    Anyone interested in developing a strategy for optimal listing management.


    An available list of your current availabilities.


    This 60-minute live web session is $225. Attendees unlimited. Recording provided.

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