Email integration

Email integration

  • Description

    You send and receive thousands of emails every week. You might use Outlook, Gmail on a computer and/or mobile devices to handle the load. All of this communication is critical to your business success, but it’s very difficult to organize.

    Fortunately ClientLook makes it easy to relate emails to contacts and deals that renders any other method of filing obsolete. You and your team will communicate more effectively and provide better client service.

    If you need to better organize the deluge of emails that you send and receive, then this service is for you.

    Session components

    During this session you’ll learn how to:

    • Relate emails to contacts using your personal ClientLook email address
    • Relate emails to a deal using special deal email addresses
    • Manage file attachments that are included with your emails
    • Viewing past emails within a contact and deal
    • Include emails in marketing reports to clients
    • Search through connected emails
    • Utilize all functions from your mobile phone and/or tablet


    The main benefits of this session include:

    • Eliminating out-dated methods of email organization
    • Organizing your email correspondence by contact and deal
    • Benefiting from consolidated email search capability
  • Intended user

    Any ClientLook user interested in modernizing their email organization.


    No prerequisites. These features work using any email software on any computer operating system. Works on any mobile phone and tablet too.


    This 60-minute live web session is $225. Attendees unlimited. Recording provided.

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