Onsite training

Onsite training

  • Description

    This is the ultimate ClientLook learning experience for a team or entire office. A ClientLook expert comes onsite to your office and delivers a customized session tailored for the way you work.

    This service is ideal for those new to ClientLook as well as experienced users. Your trainer will focus on your skill level, specialty and goals. If you’re interested in accelerating your success with technology and promoting maximum ClientLook adoption, then this is the perfect service for you.

    Process involved

    Creating and delivering your onsite training typically involves:

    • An interview with your team to understand your operation as well as your goals with ClientLook
    • Creation of a customized agenda that is submitted to you for approval
    • Selection of a date and time for your onsite session
    • Delivery of your session in the comfort of your office


    Onsite training dates can usually be scheduled with 2-4 weeks.


    The main benefits of onsite training include:

    • Onsite delivery ensures maximum participation from your team
    • Personalized agenda focuses on the skills most important to you
    • Your adoption and utilization of ClientLook is accelerated
  • Intended user

    Any teams or companies


    Development of a personalized training agenda


    The rate for a one-day session starts at $1,750 plus travel expenses.

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