Merge duplicates

Merge duplicates

  • Description

    It’s a fact of CRM life: duplicates happen. Especially in a team environment, where multiple people are all contributing to a growing database.

    ClientLook’s duplicate removal service will identify and merge duplicate records in your contact, company and property database, and preserve all the related records that were linked to the different copies of the record. So related contacts, property relationships, deals, appointments, updates, files and photos will all be merged into the final “winner” record that you keep.

    Process involved

    This is the typical process for removing duplicates:

    • We’ll work with you to determine your unique criteria for identifying duplicates.
    • We’ll analyze your data in order to produce a quote and timeline for the data cleanup.
    • Once you give us the green light, we’ll take care of those pesky duplicates once and for all.


    We can get started almost immediately. Total completion time will depend on the extent of duplicate records in your unique database.


    This will help you:

    • Eliminate potentially years of improper data accumulation.
    • Obtain a clean start to build your data the right going forward.
    • Improve the integrity of your database as well as the effectiveness of future marketing campaigns.
  • Intended user

    Any ClientLook user with duplicate records – which is almost everyone!


    Rates start at $99/hour. Quote provided after the total number of duplicates is identified based on your customized criteria.

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