Import properties

Import properties

  • Description

    Property records in ClientLook are the foundation for tracking listings, comps and deals within those properties. If you have a list of properties available in spreadsheet format, we can get those imported to your database so you don’t have to manually create them. Whether you get your property lists from a research service, appraiser, title company or anywhere else, we’ll make it simple to get them imported. Our property import service includes splitting up the property addresses into the required components if your list doesn’t already have the addresses split up.

    Process involved

    Typically, importing properties involves:

    • We’ll work with you to export or gather your data from it’s current source
    • We analyze your data and give you a price and time quote
    • When you’re ready, we’ll take care of everything for you.


    Property data imports normally take 2-3 days, depending on the complexity and current processing queue.


    This will help you:

    • Set the stage for creating listings, comps and deals.
    • Ensure your data is correctly populated and duplicate-free
    • Relieve you of the chore of importing or manually populating property records
  • Intended user

    Any ClientLook user interested in tracking properties


    Data in Excel or CSV format.


    Rates start at $175/hour. Quote provided after analysis of your data.

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