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Import commercial real estate comps

  • Description

    Tracking lease and sales comparables (“comps”) for deals in your market is a vital part of your commercial real estate business and creates a valuable competitive asset. If you have been tracking comps for years using a spreadsheet, we can now help you import that data into ClientLook! A comp import will create property records, create all the people associated with the deal (owners, buyers, tenants, brokers, etc) and all the pertinent deal information, then link it all together for you. There’s no easier way to create a searchable personal or companywide comp database.

    Process involved

    This is the typical process for importing comps:

    • We will analyze your existing comp spreadsheet
    • We’ll develop a customized import plan
    • After approval, we’ll get everything imported and linked together


    Since each comp import is different and it’s such a complex process, it’s hard to generalize here. We’ll give you a personalized timeframe estimate as soon as we see your data.


    This will help you:

    • Create a searchable comp database
    • Print presentation quality comp reports
    • Eliminate manual spreadsheets
  • Intended user

    Anyone wanting to track and report on lease and/or sale comps.


    Data in Excel or CSV format.


    Rate starts at $175/hour. Quote provided upon receipt of data.

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