Data Cleanup

Data Cleanup

  • Description

    Prior to importing your data, it’s vital that it be “clean”. Whether your data is coming from your previous CRM, an email program like Outlook or even a manually-kept spreadsheet, you’ll want to make sure that when it comes into ClientLook everything is complete and winds up in the right place. We frequently see spreadsheets with missing data, data placed in the wrong column such as phone numbers stored in the contact name field, several email addresses mashed together in one column, etc. Getting all of that cleaned up so you start with good data is vital but time consuming. Rather than spend your selling hours doing data cleanup, we can take that chore off your hands.

    Process involved

    This is the typical process for data cleanup:

    • Our data experts will analyze your data and make suggestions for cleanup
    • We’ll provide a quote, estimating both price and timing
    • Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll take care of the cleanup work
    • After you take a look at the results, we’ll import your data so you jump right in


    Depends on the extent of the work. We can normally get started immediately.


    This will help you:

    • Ensure a smooth transition to your new CRM
    • Recover from years of neglected data housekeeping
    • Save time in locating accurate information
  • Intended user

    Any ClientLook user who has existing data to import.


    Data in Excel or CSV format.


    Rate starts at $175/hour. Quote provided after analysis of data.

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