Address standardization

Address standardization

  • Description

    With data coming in from many sources, it’s not uncommon to have differences in address formatting. “123 Main Street”, “123 Main St”, “123 Main”, “123 Main St, Ste 200”, “123 Main Street Suite 200”, “123 Main, Unit 200” – and that’s just the first address line. Our data standardization service can insure that all of your addresses are formatted the same way, using US Postal Service approved addresses including ZIP Plus 4 if desired and standardized abbreviations.

    Process involved

    The standardization process involves:

    • You provide a spreadsheet with your data.
    • Using a state of the art standardization service, we’ll normalize your data.
    • Once everything is correct, we can import it to your account


    We can normally provide address standardization in 24-48 hours.


    This will help you:

    • Ensure deliverability of mailed correspondence
    • Establish a standard for your data
    • Ensure correct identification of commercial properties in your database.
  • Intended user

    Any ClientLook user with data to import.


    Rate starts at $175/hour.

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