Mailchimp templates

Mailchimp templates

  • Description

    Are you using Mailchimp, but having trouble creating email templates? Rely on our team to create custom templates featuring your corporate branding with personalized logo, colors, fonts and layout.

    Whether you’re sending out a monthly email newsletter or marketing your listings, our custom templates will save you time and give you eye-catching results. There is no easier way to deliver the highest quality email campaigns with the least amount of effort.

    Process involved

    Designing your custom Mailchimp email templates typically follows this process!

    • Our Success Team will work with you to understand type of templates you need
    • You send us examples of templates you like, or review a list of sample templates we offer
    • You provide the content and details for each template
    • We create your custom template and present a draft for your review
    • Once your approval is received, we’ll add the template to your personal Mailchimp account
    • Send your email campaign or rely on us to send it on your behalf


    Your custom Mailchimp template will typically be delivered to you within 1-2 business days of your final approval.


    • Obtain professionally designed Mailchimp templates consistent with your company branding
    • Edit templates yourself in the future or rely on us for ongoing support
    • Demonstrate highest degree of professionalism
  • Intended user

    Any broker or admin using Mailchimp connected to ClientLook.


    Must have an active Mailchimp account and be able to provide us with your logo and other branding elements that you wish to include.


    Rate starts at $99/hour. Estimates provided.

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