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Commercial Real Estate Comp Reports

  • Description

    COMING SOON! Showcase your ClientLook comp data in a whole new way with customized comp reports. You’ll differentiate your service with personalized, branded comp reports for your presentations. Create professional sale and lease transaction output including brochures and summary reports in portrait or landscape orientation.

    Provide us with an example of your desired report format, or rely on our team to provides you with samples. This is the ideal servvice for the indivudal, team or company looking to create a competitive advantage.

    Process involved

    This is the typical process for custom comp report creation:

    • A Success Team member helps determine your desired format(s)
    • A quote is provided after finalizing your designs
    • Your report(s) are created and edited until your final approval
    • The reports are made available to you inside ClientLook


    A timeframe for completion will be provided along with your quote. Typical project duration is 2-4 weeks.


    This will help you:

    • Deliver consistent, professional output
    • Win more business
    • Enhance your overall comp tracking capabilities
    • Achieve market differentiation
  • Intended user

    Any user(s) within a ClientLook account.


    An understanding of the type of report(s) desired and content to be included.


    Rate starts at $175/hour. Quote provided upon receipt of data.

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