Tour verification

Tour verification

  • Description

    You are planning a tour of commercial real estate properties with your client. Your list of availabilities needs to be verified. Are the properties still available? How do you show the listing? Do you need a current brochure? These questions and more can be verified via email by our team of Virtual Assistants who specialize in your business. Keep your deals moving, and leave the busy work to us.

    Process involved

    These are the typical steps involved:

    • Create a survey of listings that you intend to show
    • Prepare questions that you wish to be verified for each listing
    • Email us your questions as well as the survey including contact details for each listing broker
    • Each listing broker is promptly contacted via email on your behalf, and the answers to your questions are obtained
    • A summary of responses is returned to you
    • You conduct your property tour with confidence


    Work typically begins to verify your tour within one (1) business day. Turn around time is often same-day, but is contingent on broker responses.


    This will help you:

    • Use your time more effectively
    • Obtain reliable and accurate results
    • Increase your client service
  • Intended user

    Any broker who intends to conduct a property tour.


    A tour report containing email addresses for all listing brokers.


    This service is billed at a rate of $36 per hour.

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