Tenant verification

Tenant verification

  • Description

    You market your services to tenants in a specific geographic area. The accuracy of your tenant data is critical to your business growth. However, tracking the ongoing migration of these businesses is time consuming and detracts from other important objectives. Inaccurate tenant data threatens your potential for success, and you need a way to obtain targeted tenant research to fuel your goals.

    Using a list of tenants that you provide, our research team makes outgoing calls to verify basic occupancy details. The information obtained is loaded into your ClientLook account. If you want the best tenant data in town, then this service is for you.

    Process involved

    This is the typical process involved.

    • You designate a list of tenants in your ClientLook account that you wish to be verified
    • We gain access to this list and call each tenant on your behalf
    • The information obtained from each tenant interaction is loaded directly into your ClientLook account
    • We notify you when the project is complete


    Tenant verification is done on a project basic with a discrete list of tenants. The timeframe is dependent on the number of records involved and the responsiveness of the tenants receiving the calls.


    This will help you:

    • Verify the accuracy of critical tenant data
    • Obtain a competitive advantage
    • Acquire targeted market intelligence with little effort
  • Intended user

    Anyone interested in verified tenant data.


    A tenant list in ClientLook identified by a group or contact type.


    This service is billed at a rate of $36 per hour for all work completed.

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