Research liaison

Research liaison

  • Description

    You have listings, and you market those availabilities on 3rd party research services like CoStar, Catylist, etc. There are frequent changes to the status, availability, pricing and more within your listings. These changes need to be communicated to these 3rd party services to ensure that the market has the most current data.

    We act as a research liaison between you and 3rd party research services. We communicate your new listings, listing updates and status changes to them on your behalf. We respond to the monthly inquiries you receive for listing updates from them. We confirm the accuracy of periodic reports you may be obligated to audit related to your availability.

    Communication is handled via email. The goal is to alleviate your obligation to respond to research requests while ensuring that your listings are marketed with the highest degree of accuracy.

    If you need the help of a Virtual Listing Secretary to better manage your listings with 3rd party research services, then this service is for you.

    Process involved

    Here is what’s typically involved with this service:

    Service initiation

    • All of your listings are loaded into your ClientLook account by us

    New listing submittal

    • You communicate the details of a new listing to us by email
    • We enter the complete listing into your ClientLook account
    • The details of that listing are communicated via email to any designated 3rd party research service you choose

    Listing updates

    • You communicate any changes to your listings to us via voicemail or email
    • Those changes are made within your ClientLook account
    • All changes are communicated by us on your behalf to all designated 3rd party research services

    Inquiries from 3rd party research services

    • You receive an inquiry from a 3rd party research service requesting updates to one or more of your listings
    • You forward that inquiry to us, or direct that service to contact us directly
    • We respond to the inquiry via email and log the details of our interaction in your ClientLook account


    Once your listings are loaded into ClientLook, we are able to act as your Research Liaison within one (1) business day.


    This will help you:

    • Eliminate the friction of communicating with 3rd party research services
    • Improve the ongoing accuracy of your listing
    • Provide a higher level of client service with all the time you’ll regain
  • Intended user

    Any broker, team or company with listings and a desire to market their listings in an efficient, stress free way.


    Your listings must be loaded into ClientLook and ongoing updates provided to us via email or voicemail. We need the email addresses of your 3rd party research contacts.


    This is an ongoing service that is billed at a rate of $36/hour. Only time involved in the fulfillment of this service is considered billable.

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