Listing responder

Listing responder

  • Description

    You are a listing broker who receives frequent repetitive information requests related to your availability from other brokers. Is the property still on the market? How do I show it? Can you send me a recent brochure? These inquiries are critical to the success of your business, but require lots of time.

    Forward these requests to our team and allow us to promptly respond on your behalf. Any question beyond our scope of knowledge is directed back to you. No prices, terms or any information requiring a real estate license shall ever be conveyed.

    If you want to increase your responsiveness and accelerate your deal making, then this service is for you.

    Process involved

    This service typically involves the following:

    • Your listings, marketing materials, and ongoing updates are entered into ClientLook by us
    • You receive a standard inquiry about your availability via email
    • Forward that email to us
    • We reply on your behalf using data in your ClientLook account and notify you of our response
    • All activity is logged into your ClientLook contact, deal and property modules as appropriate
    • You stay focused on higher value tasks


    This service is ongoing. Once your listings are received, it normally takes 3-5 business days to initiate service.


    This will help you:

    • Dramatically increase your responsiveness
    • Regain lost time
    • Deliver a higher level of client service
  • Intended user

    Any broker with listings.


    A comprehensiveness list of your availability is required to start. Ongoing updates to your listings must be communicated.


    This service is billed at a rate of $36 per hour. Billing is incurred only when work is required on your behalf.

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