Data enrichment

Data enrichment

  • Description

    If you’re like most commercial real estate practitioners, the completeness of your contact data probably varies widely from contact to contact. If you have contact records that consist of just a name and phone number – or worse – then you are a prime candidate for our data enrichment services. We can help you fill in the gaps and gather the information that can prove valuable as you start to develop relationships.

    Our Virtual Assistant team can scour publicly available data sources to flesh out your contact and company records, gathering missing details like email addresses, company mailing addresses and ZIP codes, social media profile links, contact photos – the list is limited only by your requirements.

    Process involved

    These are the typical steps involved:

    • You identify the group of contact and company records you would like us to enhance
    • You specify the additional details you are interested in gathering
    • We go to work to find the data that’s missing and add it directly to your records in ClientLook


    Once the parameters are laid out, we can start gathering the data immediately.


    This will help you:

    • Stay in touch with your prospects
    • Gather intelligence from social media
    • Prevent lost opportunities
  • Intended user

    Any broker, team or company with a desire to improve their contact information


    Your contacts must be loaded into your ClientLook account.


    This service is billed at a rate of $36 per hour. Billing is incurred only when work is required on your behalf.

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