CRE Broker Tech Tools To Elevate Your Business

CRE Broker Tech Tools To Elevate Your Business

CRE Broker Tech Tools To Elevate Your Business

ClientLook Founder, Michael Griffin, presented the LightBox suite of broker products to a national webinar audience on October 22, 2020. The latest technology tools for commercial real estate brokers can take your business to the next level. From CRM to mapping and marketing, these tools can help you increase your productivity and make more money this year. LightBox is a commercial real estate technology company that offers multiple resources for CRE professionals. As a broker, the top three tech tools that you should be utilizing are a commercial real estate CRM software, mapping software, and transaction management software. Learn more about the CRE broker tech tools to elevate your business:

CRM Software

Everyday you collect names, generate prospect activity, and manage property data. Staying organized is a key factor in your overall success as a CRE broker. That’s where ClientLook comes into play. Our commercial real estate software is the only all-in-one CRM made specifically for the CRE industry. The brokers who utilize a CRM as part of their daily routine run circles around those who don’t. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand our user-friendly and intuitive software. Whether you work solo, or are part of a large team, we can help you reach maximum efficiency. Organized workflows allow you to accomplish more in your commercial real estate business. Learn more about ClientLook here.

Mapping Software

As a CRE professional, you need access to mapping, parcel data, and property information. With LandVision, you can conduct your own analysis to provide the expertise that your clients expect you to have. From CRE brokers to GIS professionals, the features that you’ll rely on everyday are easy to use. LandVision is the ideal research tool to help you analyze your entire market or just a specific property. Quickly discover property ownership, assessed value, demographics, and property history. See what’s going on next door, across the street, or across town with the advanced mapping capabilities. Learn more about LandVision here.

Marketing & Transaction Management Software

If you have property listings, your goal is to market them to a wide audience. You can help that audience self-serve their need for information by having a professional showcase on your website. RCM provides an amazing tool for you to display your listings on your website. When someone clicks on one of your listings the page comes alive with engaging content – whether viewed on a phone or desktop computer. There is no stock format, so you can create a unique story with every deal. Create a custom URL to market your properties and impress your clients. If you’re an investment broker, RCM can streamline your entire transaction process. Create a virtual deal room; host a listing as an auction; and even create targeted email campaigns. Learn more about RCM here.

Future Roadmap

Imagine the CRM features of ClientLook, combined with the research and reporting capabilities of LandVision. Then, add the listing and transaction management features of RCM into the mix. This would create a single, unified platform that delivers everything in a way that propels your business success. Life as a commercial real estate professional could be a lot better; and LightBox is on a mission to make it so.

To schedule a personalized demo of any of these products, email If you missed the webinar, click here to watch the full replay to get a first-hand look at ClientLook, LandVision, and RCM.

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