CRE Broker Success In 2022

CRE Broker Success In 2022

CRE Broker Success In 2022

The new year is a great time to evaluate your goals and the current processes you have in place for your commercial real estate business. Remember that a new date on the calendar wont change anything unless you take action. CRE brokers can make 2022 their best year yet with these tips:

Determine Your Goals

It’s January – the perfect time to sit down and make a list of your goals for the year. Take some time to review your past performance. Did you reach your goals last year or fall short? Be honest with yourself about what worked well and what didn’t, as that can be the foundation for your new 2022 CRE goals. The things that worked well for you in the past should be included in your 2022 strategy, and the items that didn’t work out should be removed or revised. Make a list of your financial goals, how many commercial real estate deals you want to close in 2022, and how many new clients you want to take on. Then, break those annual numbers into monthly numbers. For example, if you want to close 48 deals in 2022, you should aim to close 4 deals per month.

Evaluate Your Strategy

Once you are clear about your CRE goals for 2022, then you can put together a strategy to turn those dreams into reality. Having a game plan gives you a roadmap for the year and will serve as a constant reminder for the goals you have in place. Throughout the year it can be hard to stay focused, or you may be tempted to constantly change things, but being consistent with your time and energy is the best way to reach your goals. Create a weekly game plan by listing out the items you need to focus on, such as cold calling, client presentations, property tours, office work, etc so you can prioritize your time.

Adjust Quickly To Changes

One thing that 2021 taught us was that things can drastically change from day to day. It’s important to set up your commercial real estate business in a way that can easily adapt with the changing times. Make sure you can access all of your business data anytime, from anywhere. Set up your business to work efficiently in the office or from home. Be open to having client meetings in person or virtually as needed. The faster you can pivot and adapt to any changes that are thrown your way, the quicker you will reach your goals. With a commercial real estate CRM software, like ClientLook, you can access all of your contacts, deals, properties, tasks, and much more from our web-based platform or our mobile app. No matter what changes take place in 2022, you’ll always have your business data in the palm of your hand.

Embrace Technology

Love it or hate it, technology has drastically changed the way commercial real estate professionals run their businesses. Using available technologies can help you reach – or even exceed – your goals in 2022. Use drone photos and videos to expertly showcase your available properties. Rely on a Virtual Assistant to keep your CRM updated daily. Take advantage of email marketing to boost your brand and keep your name on the top of your contacts minds. Use Zoom or Facetime to virtually connect with your colleagues and clients.

Whether you’re new to the CRE industry, or a seasoned professional, 2022 has the potential to be your best year yet. If you’re not a current subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how ClientLook CRM can help you reach your commercial real estate goals faster. Our CRM software can help you boost your productivity, get organized, and win more deals.

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