Contacting the Virtual Assistant by phone

Contacting the Virtual Assistant by phone

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There are two main ways to contact the ClientLook Virtual Assistant Team, email and phone. Today we are going to give you a few tips for leaving phone requests to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to you.

When you call the VA team, you will be transferred to the team’s voicemail box and you will be prompted to leave a message. Having your request recorded allows us to listen to it again should some words be unclear. Please start your message with your name and your email address so we can be certain of your identity, as we have many customers with similar names. Speak clearly and slowly, and be sure to spell any proper names, deal or property names, street names, cities, or any other word that someone unfamiliar with your area might not recognize. If you are leaving a request that involves a time, please specify the time zone as the team member assigned to your request may be in a different time zone.

Mobile phones can sometimes be difficult to hear. By all means, use your cell phone if you are out of the office, but make sure you have a strong signal when you call. If you are in the office, try using your desk phone. If the team is unable to hear you clearly or if your coverage is spotty, they might not be able to properly transcribe your message. Should this happen, they will contact you by email to request any information that wasn’t intelligible.

The ClientLook VA team can make data entry a lot simpler and free up time in your busy day. It’s vital that your business intelligence gets entered into your CRM – but it’s better when you can get someone else to help you do it!

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