Contacting the Virtual Assistant by email

Contacting the Virtual Assistant by email

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Last week we discussed contacting the ClientLook Virtual Assistant Team by phone. Today we are going to give you a few tips for sending email requests to your commercial real estate virtual assistant.

For most of us, our smartphone or other mobile device is a constant companion. My iPhone is surgically attached to my hand and my iPad isn’t usually very far away. When you’re out and about, these devices help you stay on touch. Here are a few ideas for sending in VA requests from your mobile:

1. While walking a building, you pick up a business card from a new prospect. Simply snap a photo and send it to the VA, and someone will type them in as a new contact. You can even include a comment like “Please mark his contact type as “Prospect”, or “Schedule a task to call this guy in 3 days”.

2. You receive an email from someone who isn’t in ClientLook and you want to start tracking them. Just forward the email to the VA with a note to “Add the person who sent this to me to my contact list”. We’ll get the contact information from their signature block and add them to your database.

3. Do you receive listing leads by email? If your chosen listing service sends you leads with prospect data, just forward those lead emails to the VA. They’ll add them to your list.

4. If you signed up for an upcoming ClientLook training session (highly recommended!) or any other web or live event, just send the notification or reminder email to the VA and ask them to add it to your calendar.

** If you are sending in a request that involves a time, please be sure to specify your time zone. **

The ClientLook VA team is standing by to help you be more productive. If you don’t yet subscribe to the VA service, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and we’ll get you started today!

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