Connect TheAnalyst PRO® to ClientLook

Connect TheAnalyst PRO® to ClientLook

TheAnalyst PRO

Powerful property reporting and analysis

The ClientLook commercial real estate software is the ideal place to track all the properties that are important to your business. Now you can connect TheAnalyst® PRO to ClientLook for quick and easy access to powerful property reporting and analysis.

  • Features of TheAnalyst® PRO available in ClientLook include:

    • Location Risk Analysis Tool
    • Aerial & Location Map Tool
    • Investment Analysis
    • Comparative Lease Analysis
    • Intuitive map annotation capability.
    • Custom branding and bio page output.

  • Connect to TheAnalyst Pro

Building relationships that count

The TheAnalyst® PRO is the latest commercial real estate technology solution to be integrated with ClientLook. “The world of CRE technology is too fragmented. Our goal is to connect the industry’s leading tools within ClientLook to create efficiency for our users.” described ClientLook President & CEO Michael Griffin. “TheAnalyst® Pro integration allows our mutual subscribers to provide faster and more comprehensive service to their clients without redundant data entry or wasted time.”

“We are happy to have forged this link with ClientLook.” said Todd A. Kuhlmann, CCIM creator of TheAnalyst® PRO and President/Founder of CRE Tech®, Inc. “Many of our subscribers rely on ClientLook for their CRM. This integration allows them to generate property reports and analysis even faster because specialized tools from TheAnalyst® PRO are now accessible within ClientLook.”

Give us your feedback

This integration with TheAnalyst® PRO is in its initial phase. Let us know what you think and how we could make integration like this even more powerful.

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