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Connect Spaceful to ClientLook

  • NOTE: Support for Spaceful was discontinued on 12/14/17.

    The ClientLook commercial real estate CRM tracks more than a million properties entered by users. These properties serve as the foundation for deals. One of our latest integrations is with Xceligent’s Spaceful tour book app. By integrating Spaceful you can easily add any ClientLook property to an online tour book. Awesome!

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Tour books in minutes – not hours

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  • If you’ve ever been responsible for giving a property tour, then you know the pain involved in organizing everything. You need to pick your properties, verify availability and plan your itinerary. Then comes the arduous task of creating a presentation that provides a map as well as the details for every property. This is where Spaceful shines.

    Subscribe to Spaceful and create property tours in an intuitive interface that leverages all kinds of online resources to make everything easier. These resources include:

    • Digital map that automatically updates your tour order.
    • Address matching to facilitate data entry.
    • Logo finder for any major company you may represent.
    • Walk scores and list of area amenities.
    • Beautiful building photos, site plans and property/listing details from Xceligent (subscription required).

Spaceful not only offers the easiest and fasted way to create a tour, but it also creates both hard-copy and digital editions of the tour. The digital tours are optimized for mobile access and feature real-time collaboration and photo capture capabilities. This is the kind of stuff that helps you win business.

Activate Spaceful features in ClientLook

  • The first thing you need to do is activate the Spaceful features within your ClientLook account. There’s no special authentication required. Just follow these steps:

    • Log into ClientLook and click your name in the upper right corner of any page.
    • Select “Setup” from the menu that appears.
    • Next, go to the “Integrations” tab where you’ll see a list of all services that may be connected to ClientLook.
    • Find the section for Spaceful and click the “Connect” link.
    • Lastly, click the big “Activate Spaceful features” button. You should see a confirmation popup appear when successful.

    That’s it. You’ve connected Spaceful to ClientLook. Now you’re ready for action.

Add a ClientLook property to a Spaceful tour

Once you’ve activated the Spaceful features, you’ll see a new “Xceligent Spaceful” section appear within the Overview tab of any property in ClientLook. Within this section there’s a big “Add to Tour Book” button. All you need to do is click this button to send details of your ClientLook property to Spaceful.

You’ll be asked to log into Spaceful and choose a tour book – or create a new one. Spaceful will then attempt to match the property with known addresses and pull in photos, floor plans and listing details from Xceligent – assuming you’re an Xceligent subscriber. Simply repeat this process for every property you’d like to include in a Spaceful tour.

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Planning for the next version

If you’re a Spaceful user then we’d love to hear your ideas for the next phase of our integration. We’ve already compiled our own list of features, but your feedback would be most valuable. Send us an email or leave a reply below with your suggestions for the next phase of Spaceful integration with ClientLook.

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