Connect ClientLook and MailChimp Email

mailchimp crm integration

Connect ClientLook and MailChimp Email

  • MailChimp is one of our favorite commercial real estate email marketing solutions. Millions of people use it to create and send amazing looking email templates for just about anything. It manages all your email lists and reports statistics like open rates, clicks, and even unsubscribes.

    At ClientLook we recognize the prevalence of email marketing within companies like yours. We knew we could deliver incredible power and synergy by integrating an industry-standard email marketing solutions like MailChimp into our commercial real estate CRM.

    Below is an overview of using MailChimp within ClientLook for commercial real estate email marketing.

  • MailChimp email dashboard

Commercial real estate email marketing made easy

Email marketing for a commercial real estate professional is different. By integrating MailChimp into ClientLook we’ve been able to innovate some amazing new features including:

  • Email targeted lists of contacts right from ClientLook.
  • Automatically sync ClientLook contacts with MailChimp.
  • Identify top prospects by viewing campaign stats inside ClientLook.
  • Access email engagement stats for each contact.
  • Send MailChimp templates to ClientLook lists as well as single recipients.

Video: See what it’s like to send a MailChimp email campaign using ClientLook.

send mailchimp email campaign

Before you get started

Connecting MailChimp to ClientLook is easy. It’s a one-time operation that enables MailChimp features for every user in your ClientLook account. Here are some things to know:

  • clientlook mailchimp integration

    • You can connect using your MailChimp account credentials or a MailChimp API Key.
    • One MailChimp account may be connected to multiple ClientLook accounts.
    • Only ClientLook Admins can send email broadcasts, but this can be adjusted in a user’s profile.
    • To send emails from a contact detail page, add MailChimp’s Mandrill service.
    • A free MaliChimp account may be used.

Connecting to MailChimp

Follow the simple steps below to connect your ClientLook account to MailChimp. These steps only need to be done one time, unless you wish to change any of your previous settings.

    1. While logged in ClientLook, click your name in the upper right corner of the page and select the Setup menu.

setup menu

    1. Click on the Integrations tab.

integrations tab

    1. Find the MailChimp section and click the Connect link shown within it.

connect mailchimp link

    1. There are two ways to connect your MailChimp account. To connect using your MailChimp login and password click Connect to MailChimp as shown below

log into mailchimp

Alternatively, to connect using a MailChimp API Key, select that option within the “Connect using” menu as shown. Enter your MailChimp API Key in the box shown and click Connect to MailChimp.

Help me find a MailChimp API Key.

mailchimp api key

Choosing your email list

Now that you’ve connected your MailChimp account, you just need to specify the MailChimp list that you’d like to sync with. If you already have a list created in MailChimp then that list may be selected for you. If you’re unable to select a MailChimp list because no names appear then STOP. Log into your MailChimp account and create a list first. This is necessary to proceed.

choose mailchimp list

Field mapping

The last step is to map ClientLook fields to MailChimp. By default, only the email address will be mapped. If you wish to map any additional fields, then do that as shown below. You can map any ClientLook fields you want (even custom fields). Just make sure to add custom fields to MailChimp first and ensure they are the same field type (text, numeric, date, etc.) as their corresponding fields in ClientLook.

map mailchimp fields

Save your changes

Once everything looks then click Save changes. You did it!

Edit your settings

Notice that an Edit settings link appears in the MailChimp section once your changes have been saved and your MailChimp account has been connected. Click this link anytime to disconnect MailChimp or to change of your settings.

edit mailchimp settings

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  1. I thought a benefit of this feature is that you can send a mailchimp email to your ClientLook groups. After reading this article, it appears I have to first export a group list from ClientLook, upload to mailchimp, then sync back with ClientLook??

    • Hi Abbey, our MailChimp integration does let you send a group of ClientLook contacts to MailChimp for inclusion in a campaign. Doing this allows ClientLook to track the engagement of your recipients (opens, clicks, etc), and it creates a Campaign record in ClientLook to help identify your most active recipients. Contact our support team at They’ll be happy to help you set this up in your account. Thanks for your question!

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