Commercial Real Estate Website Best Practices

Commercial Real Estate Website Best Practices

Commercial Real Estate Website Best Practices

Having a website for your commercial real estate brokerage is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Over the years, websites have become much more robust and have changed from being simply informational to more interactive. Your viewers want to find information quickly and easily, and there are some standards they expect to see from website to website. Make sure your website makes a great impression with these commercial real estate website best practices:

Easy To Navigate

It’s no secret that people are getting more and more used to instant gratification. When it comes to websites, the loading speed is important to consider. When a viewer goes to your website, they will leave if it doesn’t load correctly in 3 seconds. Assuming the website loads quickly, the next thing to focus on is your overall design and navigation. The menu should be easy to find and each page should be properly labeled for easy navigation. At a minimum, most commercial real estate websites include the following pages: Home, About, Services, Team, Blog, and Contact. Your website should be responsive – meaning it will work properly no matter what screen it’s viewed on (for example, a desktop computer verses a smart phone).

Showcase Your Expertise

Keep in mind that your CRE website is a marketing tool for your brokerage. The main purpose of your website is to attract new clients and generate new leads. Put your best foot forward by showcasing your expertise and what makes your company unique. Why should the viewer choose to do business with you? What is it like to work with you and your team? How is working with you different than your competitors? Be sure to highlight what you specialize in, any awards you’ve won, news articles you’ve been featured in, and past client testimonials.

Generate Leads

A great way to generate leads on your commercial real estate website is to require that the viewer signs up to view your available properties. For example, you may include a great property search tool on your website, and the viewer can see the property photo and basic information only. To see the price, location, and to get more details, they need to “login” by providing you with their name and contact information. Another great way to gather new leads is to offer a detailed market report on a monthly or quarterly basis, and in exchange for their contact information the viewer receives the PDF for free. You can also include an email newsletter sign up on your website, but keep in mind that an incentive will generate more sign ups.

Update Regularly

The days of having a website that never gets updated are long gone. Viewers expect to see current information on your website at all times, and search engines (like Google) give favor to website that are updated consistently. For your commercial real estate website, you should keep your properties updated at all time so viewers know what you have available for sale or lease. You can also update your About or Team page as you add new team members, win any awards, are featured in any local news articles, or receive any new client reviews. Having a blog is also a great way to keep your website fresh with new content on a regular basis. Check out this related post on How CRE Professionals Can Benefit From Blogging

Keep In Touch

Your website should make it easy for people to contact you. Include a contact form, a phone number, email address, and office address in a visible location. You’ll also want to include links to your company social media pages so your clients and prospects can follow you there. This should be a given, but having someone respond quickly to the contact form submissions is also a great best practice so don’t overlook that feature.

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