ClientLook Commercial Real Estate Assistants

ClientLook Commercial Real Estate Assistants

You know the value of having a commercial real estate CRM. But, are you glued to your computer to keep your CRM updated? Do you find yourself spending days, nights, and even weekends staring at the screen? Take back your valuable time with the help of the ClientLook assistants today.

Accomplish More With An Assistant

The benefits of using a commercial real estate CRM are tremendous, but even we admit that it can be time consuming. It’s the catch 22 of CRM’s; you need to use one, but the time required to use it can kill your productivity.

The solution is ClientLook CRM. With our industry leading service, you can outsource everything to our team of dedicated assistants. They spend their days working for commercial real estate professionals – just like you. They know your business and they know ClientLook.

Manage Everything In Your CRM

We currently have 12 assistants on our team who are ready to enter your new contacts, new properties, and new listings. They can also schedule activities and tasks, log notes, and keep everything in your CRM updated. Imagine the freedom of knowing that all your critical business data is getting logged accurately, while you can stay focused on prospecting, your clients, and closing deals. If this sounds like a dream, it doesn’t have to be!

Nothing Is As Effective As ClientLook

With the ClientLook assistant team, you get a whole new level of confidence and control. During your next pitch, you can describe to your (potential) clients how you’re supported by a team of over a dozen people who help you deliver a unique level of differentiated service.

To learn more about the ClientLook assistants, simply watch the video above or check out this related post.

Not a ClientLook subscriber? Schedule a demo today to get an edge on the competition. If you’re not using CL you’re working too hard.

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