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  • As a busy commercial real estate professional, you spend a lot of time in the field. You need commercial real estate apps that help you maximize productivity away from the office. These days, it’s hard to do business any other way.

    The top apps for commercial real estate provide research data like properties for sale and lease, relevant news, electronic signature capability and the power of CRM. They help you win new business, and close deals faster.

    In this post we’ll focus on those CRM features you need to be competitive. You’ll discover the most effective ways to build better relationships using the industry’s most actively used commercial real estate software ClientLook. And, you’ll do it all with the simplicty of a commercial real estate app.

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Know your prospects better

  • Contact updates in commercial real estate app

  • Before you jump into your next meeting, or prior to making that next phone call, you need to know as much as possible about whoever you’re contacting. Check out the ways that the ClientLook commercial real estate app showcases every critical contact detail in one place.

    You’ve got instant access to:

    • Peronsal details like phone numbers, location, email address
    • Historical log of every call, meeting, task and email
    • Relationships to other records like properties, comps, groups

    Better information makes every interaction more effective.

Automatic activity logging

  • You make a lot of calls on the road. It’s really important that you log the outcome of those calls. You’ll build relationships faster, keep your team in the loop, and even contribute to marketing reports.

    Remembering to add those updates can be tricky unless you’re using the ClientLook commercial real estate app. Knowing how to capture everything you do is our speciality, and you won’t be believe how easy it is.

    CLick a phone number in ClientLook for one-touch outbound dialing. When your call is completed, you’ll automatically be asked whether you want enter the outcome of that conversation. Just click “Yes”, and then type or use your phone’s voice transcription capabilites to dictate the details. Within seconds you’ll be on to your next call.

    Log the outcome of calls to build better relationships.

  • Automatic update logging for contacts

Mobile task management

  • Task list in cre app

  • Being on the road makes it tougher to complete daily tasks – especially calls. The fact that you’re driving around is one thing, but simply having easy access to your tasks list is the other big challenge.

    Imagine if you always had the list of pending tasks at your fingertips. Each task displays a auto-dial phone number making it effortless to connect. When your call is complete, you’ll be prompted to log the outcome. You can do it all with ClientLook.

    • View, add and complete tasks on the road
    • Log updates upon completion of every task
    • Filter activities by priority and due date

    Get more done and never miss opportunities with mobile tasks.

Differentiate with a proprietary property module

  • Let’s face it, one of the biggest challenges you face today is differentiating your service from the competition’s. You need to demonstrate your unique abilities and market knowledge in order to win business, but it’s getting a lot harder to do.

    You’ll rise to the top using CLientLook to maintain an inventory of properties that make up your territory. You’ll become the formost expert by logging proprietary property notes, asset charactertistics, photos and more. Collect data while you’re in the field as you go about your day. It’s easy.

    The big payoff is that this tremendous deal-making resources is available through ClientLook during every prospecting call. It’s in your pocket at every client meeting. Your ability to differentiate your service just got a whole lot easier.

    Demonstrate your market intelligence from a pocket-sized resource.

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Stay connected with an activity feed

  • commercial real estate activity feed

  • Your day is filled with calls, emails and meetings. You collect files, take photos and complete activities. This stream of activity drives your business, but you may not be making the most of it.

    ClientLook seamlessly organizes everything you and your team complete into a consolidated activity feed called Scoop. Scoop provides real-time updates on everything that’s going on in your business. From the road, you need access to this kind of data to ensure you stay connected.

    Scoop organizes everything into bite-sized snippets of information that reveal the details you need without a flood of emails, phone calls and internal meetings. It’s a whole new way of communication. Your activity feed is searchable too so can lookup activity by keyword, activity type, date, team member and more.

    Communicate better with your personal real-time activity feed.

Discover ClientLook today

The ClientLook commercial real estate app is the companion app to our award winning online CRM software. Learn more by requesting a demo or signing up for a free trial. Once you have an account, then download the app for iOS or Android.

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