Collaborate With Your Team Using Our “Comment” Feature

CRM Team Collaboration Feature

Collaborate With Your Team Using Our “Comment” Feature

If you share your ClientLook commercial real estate software account with a team, then you have a great opportunity to increase your collaborative effort by using the “Comment” feature in ClientLook. Any time someone creates an “update” on a record – whether it be a contact, company, deal or property record – you will see a hotlink below the update which says “Comment”. This will allow you to add your own note to the update, much like a conversation thread on a web forum or on your social networking wall.

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Suppose someone in your office made a note on a contact’s record that they are looking for 7,000 square feet of space. You might make a comment like “Make sure you show them 456 Division Street; it just came on the market”.

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When you add a comment to an update, two things happen. First, the comment is visible on the record and also in Scoop for anyone you are sharing your account with.

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Second, the person who created the original update will receive an email containing the text of their original update as well as your comment. This email makes sure that they don’t miss your comment in the system.

CRM Team Collaboration_4Commenting is available to your clients as well, assuming you have allowed them access to their deals in ClientLook. So if you have granted login access to your “456 Division Street” deal to the property owner, he might log in and see that you conducted a property tour with XYZ Company. He might comment “They used to lease space in one of our buildings years ago. They were a great tenant! We would love to see them back with us in this building.”

Comments are a great way to build team synergy in a shared account environment. You can even use them on your own updates to add follow-up information.

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