ClientLook’s Commercial Property Media Gallery

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ClientLook’s Commercial Property Media Gallery

Your commercial property database in ClientLook commercial real estate CRM includes a media module with a photo gallery that you can use to upload and retrieve property photos and other images that relate to the properties you track.

The Media Gallery

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  • To get to the media gallery, simply click on the “Properties” link at the top of your screen to open the Property Module. Then search for or click on the name of the property you want to add images to. If the property doesn’t exist yet, simply click the “Add a new property” button to create and save a property record.

    Click the “Media” tab to open up the Media Gallery. Since you haven’t added any images yet, the gallery will be empty. Just click the “Add a photo” button to get started.

Drag and Drop Upload

  • You can upload your photos in a couple different ways:

    1. Click the “Select” button to select up to 5 photos using the traditional style file selection box, or

    2. Use “Drag and drop” to drag up to 5 photos and drop them into the “Drag and drop” area that will appear next to the “Select” button once you start dragging files close to it.

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Your Photos Are Uploading

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  • As your photos are uploaded, you will see a green check mark appear next to each file name as it completes the journey and the next file starts uploading. Once all files are done, you’ll be able to click the “I agree” box to acknowledge the terms for uploading files.

    To save your photos, you can either click “Save photos” to finish the process immediately, or click “More Options” to make a few additional optional choices.

Setting Property Photo Options

  • The “More Options” link allows you to set several options for your photo:

    1. Description: This allows you to set the title/description for the photo. This will be automatically filled with the file name of the photo you uploaded, but you can change that here. For example, you could label one photo “Main Lobby” and another “Exterior – Front”.
    2. Share with: This determines who can see this photo. Our standard sharing options apply here.
    3. Assign to: This determines who “owns” the photo. Our standard “Assign to” options apply here.
    4. “Set as primary photo” checkbox: One photo in your gallery will be designated as the primary photo for this property. This is the photo that appears at the upper left corner of the main property detail page. The first photo you upload will automatically be the primary unless you select another.
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Working With Your Property Photos

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  • Once you have photos in your gallery, you may need to make changes. To pull a photo up in edit mode, which allows you to delete it, rename it, or make it the primary photo, simply hover your mouse over the photo until it’s description appears under the photo. Click this to edit it.

    To view a photo in full size, simply click on it. This will pull up the photo viewer, which will size the photo appropriately for the monitor you are using.

    To download a photo, simply click on it to view it in full size as mentioned above, then right-click on the photo and use your browser’s “save image” or “save photo” option to save it as you would for an image on any web site.

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