ClientLook Summer Release 2017

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ClientLook Summer Release

The ClientLook Summer Release is here! It’s packed with lots of new features to make your ClientLook experience even better. Your account was automatically upgraded last night so there’s nothing you need to do.

We always highlight the key changes of every new release on our Roadmap page, but we wanted to give you a little more detail in this post since there are some exciting changes. Here’s an overview of what you should know.

Better contact sharing

We simplified the way that contacts are shared within a multi-user account. “Sharing” refers to the way in which you make ClientLook records visible to other team members. If you’ve got a single-user account, then the changes in this section don’t affect you.

In the past, if you created a company record and specified the sharing of that company as “Just me” (private to you), then any contacts you created at that company were also hidden – even if you made the contact record sharing “Everyone”. The assumption was that you wanted to hide the company and therefore would want to hide all the related employees. This was not intuitive for most users, and many of you wanted to be able to choose the sharing of related contacts on a case-by-case basis. So now, the company record sharing does not affect the visibility/sharing of any contacts you relate to a company.

If you have existing data that was set up under the old paradigm, don’t worry – the sharing of all your existing contacts was automatically adjusted to match their company’s sharing level, so everything will appear exactly as it did before.

Scoop gets turbocharged

  • We did some significant optimization here, and Scoop now displays updates in a fraction of the time it used to take. Scoop also has a new full-screen format that makes the content easier to read and navigate.

    By default, Scoop will display your updates from the last 30 days. We’ve added an improved filter to allow you to easily view updates posted by other users in a shared account. You can even view updates completed by your entire company within one consolidated feed. As always, Scoop enforces strict sharing rules so that nobody ever sees content that wasn’t shared with them.

  • commercial real estate CRM

No more Communities

Communities, which were previously a part of Scoop, have been discontinued. This section was originally designed as a way to share non-CRM related information across offices within your company or network. The effort to maintain these features didn’t justify their continued support considering the amount of use.

Relationships can now be privatized

When you relate a contact or company to a property or deal, you can now specify whether that relationship should remain private to you or shared with other users on your account. This ensures that any confidential relationship remains confidential.

New tenant tracking features

  • tenant tracking

  • If you track tenants, then you’re going to love the new way you can maintain occupancy details. There’s no easier way to track tenants along with each of the spaces they occupy. It’s built on standard ClientLook features you already know.

    Now, whenever you relate a contact/company to a property and choose a relationship type of “Tenant” you’ll be prompted to enter that tenant’s suite number, floor, lease expiration and square footage. You even have the option of specifying the sharing of this information in case the data is proprietary.

    One contact/company can be related to multiple properties so you’ll be able to manage an entire portfolio of leases with ease. Tenants related to a property are now shown in a basic stacking plan too. Future releases will contain the ability to showcase tenants in a unique way within each property.

Sunsetting the pull from Google contacts

If you connected Google to ClientLook, then you were previously able to sync contacts back and forth. We discovered that pulling contacts from Google to ClientLook was causing significant performance issues. There are some limitations with Google’s API that don’t allow for any optimization. So, going forward we’ll only support a push of contacts from ClientLook to Google. Adding a contact to a mobile device that’s syncing with Google (or to Google contacts directly) won’t cause that contact to be sent to ClientLook any longer.

If you’re in the field and you want to quickly add a contact to ClientLook then one of the best ways remains sending the details to the Virtual Assistant team. Rest assured that any contacts you enter into ClientLook will continue to push to Google and any connected devices like your phone, tablet, etc. ClientLook still remains your hub of contact data.

Please note this affects contacts only – your calendar and tasks will continue to sync both directions as always.

Search by NAICS Code

  • We have added a NAICS code field to company records that contains a picklist of those standardized codes along with their descriptions. This makes it really easy to use this industry-standard categorization method in ClientLook. Everything is fully searchable too. Many thanks to our friend and ClientLook power-user Gary Ralston at Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty in Lakeland, FL for the continued flow of great suggestions like this one.

  • Tenant NAICS code

Listing import from Xceligent

Many of you use Xceligent’s research services in conjunction with ClientLook. We have added the ability to import your listings from Xceligent, saving you lots of time by avoiding redundant entry. With your authorization Xceligent’s Customer Care Department can provide us with a complete list of your availabilities. We’ll import that list into your ClientLook account to create corresponding properties and listings. This allows you to manage your listings within ClientLook, and electronically transmit any edits back to Xceligent.

Expanded Buildout integration

  • buildout-integration

  • We continue to expand our integration with Buildout. If you’re a Buildout user, then you can now send a ClientLook property record to your Buildout account with a single click.

    Within the Overview tab of the ClientLook property detail page, look for the “External property links” section. Choose the “Send to Buildout” option to push your property to Buildout. Any edits you make in ClientLook will flow back to Buildout as well.

Better control over what your outside collaborators see

  • When you invite someone – a client, another broker or anyone you choose – to participate in a Deal in ClientLook, you choose what updates they can see. We have made it easier to control what they should see by giving you the ability to turn visibility for any update on/off. You’ll find a new checkbox within every update to do this.

    If you want your outside collaborators to see a particular update, simply check the box. If you leave the box unchecked, those outside people will not see this update, even if it is shared with “Everyone”. Sharing no longer matter. The new checkbox wins out every time.

    Other team members within a multi-user account will see an update if it is shared with them – regardless of the new checkbox. It only affects outside collaborators. This gives you the highest degree of control in determining the content that your clients may see within a Deal.

  • collaborate on commercial real estate transactions

What’s next?

We’re entirely focused on completing our new iPhone app. It is in the final stages of testing and is fast-tracked for completion. Stay tuned for an announcement on this any time now.


  1. Not being able to push contacts from iphone/google to CL its really going backwards.

    Also, we are not getting screen pop-ups when our Task reminders come up on our phones. That would be very useful.

    I am still getting the “Oops” when I try to go to the second page of my “Opens” on the email campaigns that I send. I’ve been commenting on this for months and was told that this issue would be fixed and it was not fixed. Very disappointing.

    • Jesus, thanks for reply. I’d suggest contacting our Support team to resolve the error message you reported. The Google contacts modification was made because of performance issues with the Google API. ClientLook was making lots of requests to pull contact data from Google, but Google was responding very slowly. It was starting to cause overall performance issues with ClientLook in general. Our future mobile app should help, but you could also use the Virtual Assistant team. Many users rely on that team to input new contact data while in the field. Just snap a photo of a business card and email it to the VA. This frees you from having to do any data entry at all.

  2. It would also be of assistance to keep a time stamp on calls and emails. If we don’t reach a client at a certain time this will alert us to trying a different time.

    • Tom, that’s an interesting idea. MailChimp actually has a feature like this where it will analyze emails you’ve sent in the past. It suggests the optimal time for sending future campaigns based on the open date/time of past campaigns. We’ll put this on our list to explore. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Disappointed about the sunsetting of data pull from google. Seems like this could have waited until the iphone app was released so that the transition would not be so painful.

    • Steven, yes we had to make a tough decision. The problem was that the Google API used by ClientLook to pull contact data wasn’t scaling with our growing users. The performance lag was starting to cause issues that were unacceptable. We’ll continue to look for a way to resolve this. In the meantime, you can always send new business cards to the Virtual Assistant team. Use your phone to snap a photo of a business card, then email it off to the team.

  4. Great stuff – thanks!
    Still hoping for much better and more professional looking reporting capability. I have great info in CL, but I lack the ability publish that info – whether it be comps, building info, marketing updates, etc. – into professional and classy looking reports that will impress my clients (especially those that can’t be bothered to log into my CL to get updates). Hope this is in the works!

  5. It is a big negative to lose contacts pushing from my mobile device to clientlook. Currently, when you are out in the field it is easy to input contacts from Google. Putting this off until later is not a good solution

    • Steven, I agree with you. The problem was the growing performance issues caused when interacting with the Google API specifically when pulling contacts into ClientLook. We’ll continue to look for ways to implement this, but unfortunately Google hasn’t seemed very interesting in adding any optimization to the process. In the meantime I’d suggest using the Virtual Assistant team to enter your business cards while in the field. Just snap a photo using your phone and email it to them.

    • Chris, that’s an interesting idea. We’ll add this to our list of improvements. We’ve got lease tracking improvements coming as part of an upcoming Comps module. This feature would be perfect for that.

  6. Is there any reconsideration of the contact pull from Google to ClientLook. I found it to be a really valuable resource. If not I understand.

    • James, we’ll continue to explore ways to make this possible. The problem was that response from the Google API (when pulling contacts into ClientLook) was so slow because of the huge volume of requests made by ClientLook that it could cause overall performance lags within ClientLook. It isn’t a process that Google seemed interested in improving either unfortunately.

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