ClientLook Spring 2014 upgrade deployed

We released two big upgrades during April and May that focused on optimizing data transfer to/from ClientLook and external systems. The new features have been deployed in all accounts. A description of the features is below.

New sync utility

We know ClientLook users want to be mobile, and having key information available at their fingertips is important. The ClientLook sync utility allows any user to sync contacts, events and tasks between ClientLook and any mobile device using Google Sync (free).

Using Google doesn’t have anything to do with email in this case. We simply rely on Google’s powerful sync engine to future-proof ClientLook’s ability to connect with any mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Below is a list of some of the new features of the sync utility:

  • “Push” contacts and tasks in real-time from ClientLook to your mobile devices.
  • “Push” events in real-time to/from ClientLook and your mobile device.
  • Optimized nightly process handles everything else.

Enhanced import module

ClientLook users import data frequently. Some users simply send their data to our Virtual Assistant team for processing. Others elect to import data using our specialized import module.

The import module has been enhanced to allow data processing speeds up to 600% faster. It also includes better data handling to improve accuracy. Give it a try today.

Product roadmap

You can always review the list of past upgrades and even find out what features are coming next. Check out all the details of the Spring upgrade and our plans for the future by visiting our Product Roadmap. You can even suggest a feature. We’d love to hear from you!

Free ClientLook training is always available. Contact our Customer Support team by phone or email, or signup for a training webinar by visiting our Support center.

As always thanks for the fantastic suggestions and feedback that help make ClientLook the perfect Commercial Real Estate CRM for our industry.

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