Will Poole, Lee & Associates

An Interview With ClientLook User, Will Poole

  • Will Poole is an Associate at Lee & Associates-LA North Calabasas specializing in representing landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers in the sale and leasing of industrial, R&D and office properties throughout the the Conejo Valley and Ventura County areas.

    As a former professional football player, Will now applies the same discipline and determination to commercial real estate. He works diligently to market properties using an effective combination of cold calling, canvassing and state-of-the-art marketing strategies, and he assists tenants to identify all possible options for their needs and expertly manage the transaction. His strong work ethic and attention to detail assures clients of the best possible outcomes.

    Hear about Will’s experience with ClientLook CRM, and how he uses our commercial real estate software in his day to day business operations:

  • Will Poole, Lee & Associates

    Will Poole, Lee & Associates

Can you tell me a little bit about your business? What do you specialize in?

Will: I specialize in leasing and selling industrial and office properties in Southern California. I played professional football for several years, so I have a unique network of people who are looking for investment opportunities.

When did you start using ClientLook?

Will: I started using ClientLook a little over a year ago. My mentor and senior partner, Mike Tingus, uses ClientLook so I am following his lead and learning from him. Since I am fairly new to the commercial real estate industry, I am an open book and am trying to learn everything I can to be successful.

How has ClientLook helped you start your business?

Will: ClientLook has helped me organize my contacts and streamline my business. Over the past year I have tried to soak up as much information as I could, and I am much more efficient this year than I was last year. I attribute that to using ClientLook every day. ClientLook gave me a foundation for my business, and it’s the backbone of everything I do.

What features do you like the most about ClientLook?

Will: I really like the Virtual Assistant since it creates so much efficiency. It’s easy to scan and email new business cards to the VA with notes and how I want them to be categorized. It saves me time and is a very useful tool. The iPhone app is also very helpful since I can access all of my information from anywhere. Sometimes I want to stop in and visit with a potential client, and I can quickly access the person’s name, details about the last time we spoke, and all of the information I have in my database for that contact.

How would you describe your overall experience with the ClientLook team?

Will: My experience with ClientLook has been phenomenal! ClientLook is a great tool and one of my main goals for this year is to master all of the features in a way that is specifically in line with how I run my business. I am currently in the phase of planting seeds, making new connections, and categorizing my contacts to create a pipeline. I know that as my business continues to grow, I will get more and more out of ClientLook.

I have to say that the Success Team has been amazing and a huge help! They are available whenever I need them, and they have done a great job of teaching me the fundamentals and features. It’s nice to have someone that I can reach out to whenever I have a question or want to expand my knowledge of the software.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a CRM?

Will: Go with ClientLook! Seriously, the ClientLook team will help you tremendously. They offer an amazing service, and I like that they’re always adding new features to make the software even better and easier to use. I am very grateful that this CRM exists!