Russell Baum, Arlington Realty

An Interview With ClientLook “New To Business” User, Russell Baum

  • Russell Baum is a licensed broker at Arlington Realty. He is licensed in DC, Maryland and Virginia with a specialty in commercial real estate, as well as corporate, military and individual residential relocations. As a newly licensed commercial real estate professional, he is part of our “New To Business” program to kick off his career on the right track by utilizing the ClientLook commercial real estate software.

    Russell works both as a buyer’s and listing agent. As a member of the leading German Property Association (IVD), he is ready to assist foreign buyers in a full pallet of services including investment acquisitions with accompanying property management and acquiring second residences.

    See how Russell is using ClientLook CRM to build his new commercial real estate business:

  • Russell Baum, Arlington Realty

    Russell Baum, Arlington Realty

What do you specialize in and how do you currently spend your days? 

Russell: I work at a boutique commercial real estate firm, where I specialize in providing assistance to foreign investors in the Washington, DC market. My schedule varies from day to day with a mixture of working in the office and being out and about. There’s always a mix of making phone calls, touring clients, evaluating potential properties for clients who are out of the area, and working on deals.

Why did you choose ClientLook to help build your new business?

Russell: Commercial real estate is a second career for me. I spent over 30 years working with the government oversees, and I knew that I needed to find a CRM that was intuitive and easy to use. Being able to look back and reference the relationships that my clients had with a specific property or deal is essential to me. When I was researching CRM’s I looked at ClientLook along with a few others, and ClientLook provides a number of clear benefits that help me with my daily work schedule.

How easy was it to get started with ClientLook?

Russell: Getting started with ClientLook was quite easy, but it did take me some time to really understand the full power of the program. There are so many great features, but being able to sync schedules, activities, and track my emails has had a tremendous benefit to my daily routine. Once I realized that I could BCC my emails, I stopped doing redundant work. It was a game changer! I think ClientLook is an awesome product and saves me a great amount of time.

What features of ClientLook have been most impactful to you so far?

Russell: The Virtual Assistant is a fantastic feature that I have been utilizing at least a few times per week. Syncing my appointments has been critical to my business since I no longer have to redundantly put appointments into different calendars like I used to. There are so many great features within ClientLook and it’s easy to customize to how I like to work.

How has your overall experience been with the ClientLook team?

Russell: I would say the team has been excellent. Everyone is responsive and as I’ve gotten to understand the program better, and I’ve had more specific technical questions, they have been great at scheduling phone calls with me to further explain the features that I am working with. The team was great before I signed up, and they have provided me with great support ever since.

What would you tell other brokers who are looking for a CRM to launch their CRE careers?

Russell: I love the ClientLook system and I think every broker should give it a try. Your New To Business program gave me time to get past the learning curve and really understand how to fully utilize the system in my new business. With ClientLook, I’m not just paying for the software, but the Virtual Assistant has taken the burden off me of doing clerical work since I don’t have an assistant in the office. Everything about ClientLook saves me time! From the VA to its superior ability to link my contacts with my deals and properties in an intuitive manner that makes it easy for me to go back and find information.