Robert Greenlee, SVN

An Interview With ClientLook User, Robert Greenlee

Robert Greenlee, SVN

Robert Greenlee, SVN

Bob Greenlee founded an investment real estate firm that combines brokerage and analytics in offering asset management, valuation, and economic consulting services over 30 years ago.

In early 2017, he opened the Easton, Maryland satellite office of SVN│Miller Commercial Real Estate as Managing Director and Senior Advisor to take advantage of the incredible brokerage and property management platforms.

See how Bob uses our commercial real estate software to manage the entire range of his engagements and assignments:

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business? What do you specialize in and what does your day to day schedule look like?

Bob: My days and weeks are filled with deadlines. My time has been 100% billable for over 20 years. I never have time in my schedule for marketing or for prospecting new brokerage clients; I always have something to do to take care of my existing clients and business. ClientLook gives me a tool that allows that me to accomplish the prospecting process that is so important to brokerage while working on valuation and other analytical assignments. For example, I personally confirm all comparable sales used in the appraisal process and in doing so, am able to discuss the general market and individual needs with virtually every buyer and seller in the marketplace in a non- threatening way. There is a huge exchange of information in those conversations. Over the years, I have intentionally transformed the sales confirmation process in to my prospecting process. What ClientLook now allows me to do is to build the comparable sales database as part of the brokerage and asset management process, and have immediate access to all ​pertinent prospecting ​information.

Why did you choose ClientLook?

Bob: I chose ClientLook for three reasons. First, I really like the strong integration between BuildOutMailChimp, and ClientLook. Second, the Virtual Assistant team is wonderful! Third, the support that ClientLook offers is remarkable.

What CRM solution were you using previously?

Bob: Before ClientLook, my CRM before was a spiral notebook and Outlook. For my entire working life, ​I’ve kept a telephone log with contacts, phone numbers and to do lists in a collection of spiral notebooks. Annual summaries were produced in Excel. Outlook was my email provider and contact database.

How easy was it to get your data converted into ClientLook?

Bob: When we first subscribed to ClientLook, we uploaded all of our data from Outlook. However, when converting, we had some rebuilding to do and we spent time creating groups, linking properties to people to deals, etc to make the database functional and personalized. When we needed to upload new data, the support team was able to blend together the first and second uploads seamlessly in less than 24 hours with no loss of data integrity. It was an impressive feat!

What problems has ClientLook solved for you?

Bob: ClientLook is geared toward commercial real estate brokerage, but it also applies equally to my appraisal and other analytical studies. All I have to do is maintain the focus on people and properties. No matter what service is being provided, it can all be categorized as a “deal.” Each and every assignment has tasks and events, companies, people, and a timetable. ClientLook is a wonderful tool to keep it all organized, integrated, and on track. There are other databases out there, but no appraisal databases “remember” to focus on sales, or the fact that we are constantly selling ourselves and our businesses.

What features do you like the most about ClientLook?

Bob: One of the best ClientLook features is its people. Greg Hoard has been great to work with. “Leverage” is Greg’s favorite word and he demands that we leverage him, the support team, and the Virtual Assistant team. As Greg emphasizes, it’s very simple; our business is all about people and property and ClientLook is a database of people and property. ClientLook, through all of its linkages, allows me to integrate all of those moving pieces.

How has your overall experience been with ClientLook?

Bob: My experience with ClientLook is still fairly recent and I am continually evolving. I am organizing all of my systems and day to day activities around the ClientLook platform, and I am increasingly committed to that process. In fact, the more I commit, the more of my business is captured within the database. I have never had such a tool that accomplishes literally everything that I do – and need to do more of – with people and property in investment real estate.

How would you rate the ClientLook team?

Bob: The entire team at ClientLook is wonderful, but I work with Greg Hoard the most. He is surprisingly caring and supremely professional. He steered me in to the process of getting everything uploaded smoothly, and then a few days later, “he was just thinking about me” and thought it would be good to get back together to go over the new systems. He is going to make me successful whether I like it or not!