Kristine LaPorte, Keller Williams Commercial

An Interview With ClientLook User, Kristine LaPorte

Kristine LaPorte, KW Commercial

Kristine LaPorte, KW Commercial

Kristine LaPorte is the Director of Operations for KW Commercial, New Hampshire as well as a licensed Realtor. With a high level working knowledge and familiarity of strict procedural and policy requirements within the commercial division, Kristine has been able to effectively guide her commercial team members and their clients in securing a successful contract to close process as well as marketing their listings and providing a process for client communication.

Learn how Kristine and her team use our commercial real estate software to boost their business:

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business? What do you specialize in and what does your day to day schedule look like?

Kristine: Our team specializes in all facets of commercial real estate. My day typically starts with opening ClientLook first to see the status or tasks assigned to me related to a deal we are working on. All of my team members are licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts and not everyone is in the same office. Therefore, ClientLook allows us to efficiently communicate important dates, client and vendor contact information and tasks that need to be completed each day relative to a customer, client, property or deal.

Why did you choose ClientLook and when did you first start using it?

Kristine: We first started using ClientLook back in 2015. Fortunately, KW Commercial offers ClientLook to all of its agents and administrative staff, so it was a simple choice for us to convert over. However, I must admit, if ClientLook did not work for our team we would be working with another system by now. ClientLook is extremely user-friendly, simple to learn and has a great leadership team always available to answer questions.

Personally, I have witnessed a significant increase in the business of those agents that embrace ClientLook and who choose to work from their own database to bring deals together. Our team leaders greatest source of business is his own database so it stands to reason that working in the system each day, and updating ClientLook with the content of the conversations he is having, allows him to always be having productive conversations.

What CRM solution were you using prior to ClientLook?

Kristine: Before ClientLook, we were using Salesforce. However, our team found it too cumbersome and it took months to convert all of our data into the system. It was the exact opposite with ClientLook; we were able to dive right into your platform.

How easy was it to get your data converted into ClientLook?

Kristine: Very easy! It only took a few days to get all of our data into ClientLook, and the ClientLook team handled everything for us. The short tutorial videos and customer support were also very helpful. We were up and running immediately with no extensive training needed.

What problems has ClientLook solved for you?

Kristine: ClientLook allows us to function better as a team. The team leader and agents can easily get a quick synopsis of what is happening on a particular deal, track their marketing efforts and watch their key transaction dates. In addition, the team leader and agents are having more constructive conversations at their weekly meetings. We communicate with so many people each day and things are constantly changing so ClientLook helps us to keep everything straight.

What features do you like the most about ClientLook?

Kristine: I really like all of them, but recently we have been making better use of the marketing features with the Mailchimp and Buildout integration. It’s nice that when we send an email blast, we can track who opened the email, how many people clicked on the links, and how many prospects we received from that effort. If the marketing features are used as they are intended, it can take your business to the next level.

The iPhone app is also an added bonus. Whenever I do a property showing, I keep the ClientLook app open and take notes immediately after. I also love that all of our contacts are easily accessible in the app, and after I make a phone call from the app it prompts me to write a quick update about that call.

Our off-site agent uses the Virtual Assistant to help him with data entry and he finds it very beneficial. At some point, it will probably make sense for all of our team members to use the Virtual Assistant to schedule tasks and follow ups after their appointments.

How has your overall experience been with ClientLook?

Kristine: The overall experience has been really good. Specifically, I like that the system is built solely for commercial real estate by professionals that have a first hand understanding of the business. I like that when I send an email or call the ClientLook team they answer promptly. Whether we are talking to the CEO, Michael Griffin or Nathan Hall in Customer Service, we are typically able to find a quick resolution to our questions. More often than not, it is not something that needs to be fixed, but we may just need more clarity on how the system works. We are always met with patience and understanding and being taught new tricks to make using ClientLook even more beneficial to our team and clients.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a CRM?

Kristine: When you sign up for a CRM, fully embrace the system and dive into the features it provides. If you hold your team members (and yourself) accountable, you will see all the benefits that a CRM can have on your business. Build up your database, work in it every day, and you will see an increase in your business and your income.

If you’re a commercial real estate professional, ClientLook speaks our language. ClientLook understands what we do, and the system provides all of the features and benefits that we need to be successful.

How would you rate the ClientLook team?

Kristine: Everyone I have encountered at ClientLook is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. It’s nice to talk to an actual person when I call – and it’s usually the same person. Knowing a direct phone number or email address for people on the ClientLook team is a nice perk along with their fast response times to any questions we may have.