Jon Hammond, KW Commercial

An Interview With ClientLook User, Jon Hammond

  • Jon Hammond, CCIM has over 14 years’ experience as a commercial real estate agent, and is the Director at KW Commercial in Chandler, Arizona. He specializes in investment properties, landlord rep, tenant rep, retail, office, multi-family, land and industrial deals. Jon earned his CCIM designation in 2008 and was appointed by AAR to the Professional Standards Committed for Ethics in 2009 and serves on hearing panels around the state.

    See how Jon uses ClientLook commercial real estate CRM software to stay organized and boost his income:

  • Jon Hammond, KW Commercial

    Jon Hammond, KW Commercial

Can you tell me a little bit about your business? What do you specialize in and what does your day to day schedule look like?

Jon: I’ve been in the commercial real estate industry since 2004 and I specialize in investment properties, landlord rep, tenant rep, retail, office, multi-family, land, and industrial deals. My schedule varies from day to day, but in the mornings I am usually reviewing my deals on ClientLook, looking for tasks and events to schedule, and non-revenue producing tasks that I can delegate to my assistant. I like to schedule my appointments and look for new opportunities in the afternoons.

When did you first start using ClientLook? How easy was it to get your data converted into ClientLook?

Jon: I started using ClientLook about 3 years ago and getting started was very simple. I was able to download my existing database and the team at ClientLook imported everything for me. I was able to start using ClientLook right away! As with anything, there is a learning curve to learn how to best utilize the software to fit how I operate, but the program is very user-friendly.

What CRM were you using previously?

Jon: Before I joined ClientLook I had access to Salesforce, but it was so complicated to use – and their support was terrible – so I just used a spiral notebook, Gmail, and my calendar. With this manual system I was more reactive than proactive in my business, which is not how I wanted to be.

What problems has ClientLook solved for you?

Jon: First and foremost, now that I’m using ClientLook I’m not leaving money on the table. Second, ClientLook has improved my communication with my team. I also love how easy it is to attach information to deals and client information, and with the blessing of the Virtual Assistant service I am so much more productive than I have ever been. With ClientLook, I have doubled my income this year, and I doubled my income the year before last year as well!

What features do you like the most about ClientLook?

Jon: The Virtual Assistant is a great benefit; I can take a minute to type up an email to the VA with a list of items that I need done and it saves me three hours of work! It’s a huge exchange of value. I also like the integration with Google and the ability to have everything tied to deals.

ClientLook makes working with my Assistant a smooth process. It’s simple to delegate tasks to her, and I like that I can see what has been completed and what’s left to do. It’s a great platform to effectively communicate with a team.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a CRM?

Jon: If you’re looking for a CRM for the commercial real estate industry, look for one that has been built from the ground up from people who have been in the field and understand the business. Don’t waste your time trying to use a CRM that’s been “adapted” from another purpose. From the beginning, go with a CRM that was made for commercial real estate professionals.

How would you describe your overall experience with the ClientLook team?

Jon: Very good! Everyone that I have come in contact with truly cares and wants to ensure that ClientLook is the best of the best and no questions are left unanswered. I feel like everyone at ClientLook listens to me whenever I have an issue and they are quick to provide me with a solution. The blue support window within the ClientLook dashboard is also a great way to get a fast response.