Jenn Limoges, NAI Cascade

An Interview With ClientLook User, Jenn Limones

  • Jenn Limoges is a Broker at NAI Cascade in Central Oregon. With over 15 years of experience, Jenn has a proven track record for closing transactions for the development, sales and leasing of medical campuses, clinics, parks and private practices. She has also closed numerous multifamily projects including SFR’s and large multi-unit complexes. She is passionate about specializing in medical and multifamily because she believes these properties have the greatest capacity to anchor our communities. Jenn’s experience also extends to working investors on redevelopment projects, owner-users on leveraging SBA financing and finding those uncovered high-yield opportunities for her clients.

    Learn how Jenn uses our commercial real estate software in her day to day business:

  • Jenn Limoges, NAI

    Jenn Limoges, NAI

Can you tell me a little bit about your business? What do you specialize in and what does your day to day schedule look like?

Jenn: The market that I am based in is small, so specializing in one particular area of commercial real estate is challenging. I work in many verticals, but focus on investments, medical, office, and multi-family properties in all of Central Oregon. My day to day schedule varies; I like to time block my schedule to make the best use of my time. I tend to make  25-50 prospecting calls per week, plus I also receive a lot of inbound sign calls from my listings. Within ClientLook, I can easily set a reminder or a task based on my phone calls, meetings, pitch presentations, or about current deals.

When did you first start using ClientLook and why did you choose ClientLook?

Jenn: I started using ClientLook back in 2014. All of the brokers that I talk to, and the CRE professional development books I read, say that commercial real estate brokers will live or die by the health of their pipeline and how many connections you’ve made, so having a CRM is critical to my success in this business. You can only measure how effective a CRM is by how much you actually use it, and I use ClientLook everyday – and I actually enjoy it!

How easy was it to get your data converted into ClientLook?

Jenn: The last thing you want to do is tell a broker that they have to get data together, because brokers only want to focus on income-generating tasks. However, getting my data into ClientLook was relatively easy since the support team handled a lot of the upload for me. The entire process was very smooth; from the first time I viewed the ClientLook website, to my call with John Dawson to learn more about the software, to working with Austin Dawson on any of the technical aspects. Everyone is very responsive and was committed to getting me up and running.

What problems has ClientLook solved for you?

Jenn: I like that I can keep track of everything in ClientLook. If a deal gets derailed and then picked up again later, it’s nice to be able to easily reference the previous communication about that deal. I make notes about my contacts, properties, and deals as a way to capture the human part of the business. ClientLook is like my memory bank; it helps me to be present with people and bring back the human connection that is often missing with today’s advanced technology.

What CRM solution were you using previously?

Jenn: Previously, I was using Apto but it ended up not being the right fit. Within the commercial real estate industry, there are still many people who are not as comfortable utilizing technology, and the last thing they want to do is be tied to their desk. Apto was just too complicated and cumbersome for me to on-board effectively.

What features do you like the most about ClientLook?

Jenn: This may sound simple, but the email features within ClientLook are my favorite. I like that I can send an email straight out of ClientLook, and with the BCC feature, it’s simple to me to keep track of my communications with contacts and what’s going on with a deal. I also like that ClientLook has eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. For example, when I add a new contact it prompts me to add a company. ClientLook is built specifically for what I do and it makes my life easy.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a CRM?

Jenn: Demo it! Talk to a lot of different brokers who have similar business plans. Recognize that a CRM is an important part of your commercial real estate business and that you need to choose the one that you will be committed to using.

How would you describe your overall experience with the ClientLook team?

Jenn: Really good! The entire ClientLook team gets it; they understand the commercial real estate industry. I like that the entire CRM system is built around the brokers needs; they really understand my business.